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Ink Samples - Diamine and Pilot - Blue to Black

Last night I received my ink samples from Goulet Pens. This was my first transaction with them and I am very happy with their service. I have been searching for nice blues and blacks, so I tested these out on Levenger Circa paper with my clean Pilot Metropolitan, (fine nib) as a dip pen.

On a side note, I was amazed at how long a dip of ink lasts- I was able to complete two lines of text with quite a bit of ink remaining on the nib. I plan on doing a more formal review of a few of these inks. As of now I am planning on ordering the Diamine Majestic Blue, Blue-Black, and Onyx Black. The Pilot Tsuki-yo (Moonlit Night) is also calling me, it has a mysterious quality with quite a bit of shading. My wife likes the Pilot Kon-peki as well.

You are welcome. This is the first large variety of ink I have available, and it seems like a good way to spend a rainy Tuesday.


Stumpy in cold weather
If you like your blues to tend towards turquoise, may I toss in Syu-ro and Ku-jaku from the Iroshizuku list? I just finished with samples of both ... very nice.
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