Ink bottles to stay away from with thicker pens

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    which ink bottles are ill equipped to handle jinhao 159, x750?
  1. 30 ml Diamine bottles for sure.
  2. And also the 80ml Diamine bottle.
  3. ah kk. darn. was really diggin acient copper.
  4. The Ancient Copper color is really good, the ink has a number of other problems, people report crud building up on the nib and blocked feeds.
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    Are you just wondering about getting an ink bottle that has a wide enough opening to comfortably get a big pen into? Goulet sells empty ink bottles for a buck or two each so you could get a wide-mouth bottle and decant other inks into it if needed.

    Empty Fountain Pen Ink Bottles
  6. I want to get a big bottle, and a small bottle, the small bottle will be for work,on a classic wooden desk, which according to finance cost about 2.5k. need a bottle which doesnt look like a kiddy safe bottle ,but can still be used with a pilot metropolitan, jinhao x750, twsbi go, jinhao x450. desk looks kinda like this,,undefined,136&sr=8-12
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    Mont Blanc bottles are nice but the oelikan and waterman bottles can be set on their sides when thebink gets low. They have decent openings for wide pens. Herbin inks have narrow openings.
  8. I was filling a Montblanc 149 yesterday from a Diamine 80 ml bottle which was 75% full, possibly more. The nib wasn't fully in the ink and drew air in to the pen with the ink, it will be even worse next time of course.
  9. Quink bottles are large enough for the 159. If you can find some with the older style label font.
  10. If you are very brave you can stand a Quink bottle on its edge, or lay it down in a metal ring, something like a bangle. Must admit that I usually just pour the ink into an MB shoe or, best of all, a Lamy dimple style bottle

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  11. I don't see the 80ml bottles as problematic, personally. I use Diamine almost exclusively and haven't had any problems using up to an M1000 size in them.

    If anything my concern now is depth considering the size of some nibs.

  12. My problem is I can only use, at most, half of the bottles contents when filling a 149, is that what you mean by 'depth'.

    Must admit that I am not a fan of Diamine ink anyway but thats a seperate subject.
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    For around $5 each I got a bunch of Sheaffer Skrip-well bottles, U.S.A. (center right)

  14. If the diameter of the neck is critical then you may find what you are looking for in the grocery aisle, these are mini jars of marmalade, jams and honey but ideal to decant from other less suitable ink bottles


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