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Injector's Vs. GEM's

When I started this whole wetshaving ordeal I used a Merkur Classic DE razor. I got good shaves, but found my skin preferred the thicker/stiffer DE blades I used. So, based on that I switched to an injector and I've been very happy ever since.

However, curiosity is getting the best of me again. Are the GEMs similar to the injectors in that they only work at one angle (basically)? What would be the best model for a noob GEM user to get, and what blades would you recommend? Sounds like GEM's have the same problem as injectors, very few options on blades.

Anyway, some advice would be appreciated, I'm already starting to peruse ebay.
the gem is like an injector... not quite right,

the thing is, a gem is more like a 1 sided DE, now, the large flat head does make it a bit problematic below the nose and in other tight spaces, it uses a full size blade thats only sharpened on one side, the closest thing to a gem i would imagen is a rolls razor,

but yea, the head has to be flat on your skin, like with an injector, but thats more or less the only think they share,

as for gems, i would go for a micromatic or a featherweight,
Well, I'm one of those that PREFER a Gem over a DE any day.
Here's a few pics of the Gems I really love to use.. in order:
Gem G Bar
Gem (Bullseye) Micromatic_2nd pic and last pic
Gem Push Button
Gem Featherweight

All of these babies give a very nice shave, equivalent to a straight do to the blade angle. I don't have a problem with shaving under the nose, as per the instructions with my Gem G Bar which teaches to you shave the area at an angle.
I split a purchase of 200 Ted Pella blades with B&B Member Bro John a little while back and sooo very glad I did. The Ted Pella blades are SHARP and give thEEE closest shave I've had to date, with either my G Bar or Micromatic.
I have a gold micromatic (with case) in good shape (bought from B&B Member Al) months ago if you're interested.. I'll throw in some Ted Pella blades to get you started.
Also, You can find all of these razors and more rather inexpensively on Ebay.. beat paying $100 + for Fatboy.
Good luck!
thats what i said, that saying that a gem is like an injector is not quite right,
but also, i suspect there are less GEM users then injector users here, actually, lets start a pole,
I have a couple injectors, several gems. I love them both, but I would not say they are similar. I can get a closer shave from my gems than any of my other razors, but I like each of my razors for different reasons.
I guess I thought they'd be similar b/c

1)they're both single edge razors
2)they both appear to use pretty thick/stiff blades, especially compared to DE's which are mfr'd to bend.
3)They both seem to have a fairly angled head, so I thought they'd both kind of have the "1 angle to shave" thing going for them.
4)options for blades seem fairly limited, just like injectors
Personally I give the nod towards a Schick Injector over a GEM when it comes to ease of use. I have to be a little more careful with the GEM. But either one can give a very smooth shave.
Hmmmm... injectors for many people work a lot better than DE, but you would hardly find anyone to say the same about GEM.... :rolleyes:
I'll say it, too. GEMs work better than a DE.

I have a couple injectors, several gems. I love them both, but I would not say they are similar. I can get a closer shave from my gems than any of my other razors, but I like each of my razors for different reasons.
+1. Agreed on these comments.

GEM's are tailor made for tough beards especially in the throat, lower neck area. :w00t: They are gentle razors that easily provide a BBS shave without irritation. Pella blades are the way to go, IMO.

-- John Gehman
It takes me the longest time to shave with a GEM vs DE and Injector, but I get great shaves that prevent the 5 o'clock shadow. Injectors are the fastest for me, but I do get the 5 o'clock stubble. DEs are in the middle. I get more shaves from a DE than injectors and GEMs, but more from injectors than GEMs.


Does that make sense?

Those are the ones. They have a coating that makes them better for shaving. The other ones are better suited for cutting carpet. :wink:
Got ya, thanks a ton.

I also wanted to order some injector blades from there ther are ones in an injector thing, and ones that show just loose. The ones in the injector thing are stainless the loose ones are carbon.

The gems that show "gem on them are carbon and the others are stainless. Does this blade material matter?
sorry, the gem ones you want are the GEM PTFE coated blades, I had not seen the carbon steel ones. You probably will also want the stainless injector blades. Interested in splitting an order of the gem blades? :001_smile