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    I believe the E1 has the spring swings to the left for cleaning but has the wings on the spring still. Standard E2 does not have allow the spring to shift to the left. I have my E2 modified to act like a E1 and works very well & like it very much.
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    @mata_66 made a great reference time line for us to figure what Schick we have. He is good at making a decent reference for us to enjoy.
    Have some great shaves!
  2. The E1 has a flat spring with the sides turned up. All E1s open. The E2s have a rounded spring with the "wings" turned down. Some E2s open, and some do not. You must check under the head to see if the tabs will allow an E2 to open. If they don't, don't try to force it to open--it's not really necessary anyway.
  3. I have shaved with the Types I, J, K, L and N. I have never tried an earlier Schick, and I am not referring to the Repeaters. I do have an E2, are they really that good? I have some nice NOS Pal-injectormatics that I have never used. The E's just seem so scruffy.
  4. I’ve come to depend on my E Type for nose and sideburn setting everyday regardless of others razors used. The small head and how it performs is different in a good way than my Golden 500. That said, I have shaved with a straight with no blood loss only to use the E and cut myself.
  5. I have shaved with G, I, J and N and I find the I is my sweet spot.
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    Only one way to find out and give your E2 a chance. You will find it a little more aggressive than your other models possibly, I find after a shower and using a new blade(Schick) and not NOS injectors the results are stellar IMO. Check to see the blade is laying flat because I have a E5 that the previous owner liked so much it wore a upward groove in the blade stops lifting the blade slightly and made it very aggressive.
    Have some great shaves!
  7. Having now shaved with a Personna, Schick G1, and a Schick M1, I find the M1 the best shaving out of the three, set on 7-8 with a Chick blade as they're called. I have a package of Twin blades coming, but the M1 give a fairly smooth and quite close shave with one of the new Schick blades made in China.

    The Persona I had was miserable shaving for me, wasn't close, and gave a lot of little nicks. This was however with a pack of blades from a couple years ago, so maybe it was the blades. Neat looking razor, but it just didn't give me a good shave, neither close nor that comfortable.
  8. Brother Cyber,

    I had the same experience with the Personna injector, until I learned the correct angle. Try raising the handle and shaving on the cap with light pressure.
  9. Had my first shave today with the Fashion Razor (Type H1), and it was excellent!!! This model is sometimes referred to as the "Hussy" -- although I tend to refrain from referring to it that way (it brings out the seriously juvenile-side of my sense of humor). I used a regular "chick" blade, but I know a few folks have loaded the Twinjector into the H1 and really enjoyed the shaves....I'm probably going to experiment with those at some point.

    It was only one shave, but I really enjoyed it!
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    It sure is a interesting razor and JR and Fussy over at youtube have them also and they also seem to like them also.
    JR makes wooden handles as you already know and made a wooden handle for his H2(Hussy2) and it looks like a decent job of making his one of a kind. Do you find it a different sensation holding it over a handled Schick awkward?
    One fact I find interesting about Schick with their injector razors they had great imagination on concepts on different models.(Stick Schick, tennis handle grip, hydro-magic lever, twin II blades........)
    Have some great shaves!
  11. I did find the handle initially took about 4 or 5 strokes before the weirdness wore off, and then it didn't seem unnatural at all. I think it will make a great travel razor (in a car, boat or checked baggage for air travel). I find injectors speed up my shaves considerably, probably because I get OC about taking out the GEM blades, washing them off, drying them, and then doing the same for the razor. The Schick's I have don't really allow me that option.
  12. I have a mint E2 and can tell zero difference between it and a G Model in shaving. I have even compared the heads SxS and they are exactly alike. Now the E1 they say is more aggressive, but I don't have one of those "white whales".
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    Interesting test, a lot of other folks on this site seem to think the G is a little milder but they do look very identical.
    If you had some feeler gauges you might find a bigger gap on the E type possibly. If they shave the same that is a bigger plus for other folks(Newbies) looking to purchase. I find my Schick E very mid range aggressive rewarding when shaving with a Schick blade.(Not for sale:rolleyes:)
  14. I've never used a Schick G Type. I agree that some consider it more mild. My experience has been that if used at the incorrect angle, the E will cut meat. That said, it is an effective tool to clean up my neck and for detail work on my face.
  15. There is more than one E2 variant and they vary considerably in aggression. Both my E2s are substantially more aggressive than the Gs I had (and sold).

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  16. I can believe that. I have always read the Canadian Schicks were often more aggressive.

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