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    They do appear to still be making the O clone. Just search on eBarbershop and type o and it should get you there. The price has increased by almost double though. I'm not sure it's worth it at this point. I thought it was at $30, but $50 is a bit too steep. I can almost get a supply razor for that (used anyway). I am not sure if that type L clone they're selling got all the bad reviews, but my guess would be no just based on their track record. They made the type o clone themselves if memory serves, so it stands to reason they're making this one too. And I don't recall them making a type L clone a year ago, and those reviews were from at least that if not longer ago. Hope that helps.

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  1. I still don't see the O Clone. If it has increased in price, I am probably out as I would have to use a forwarding agent.
  2. Apparently the listing can be found by creative search methods, but there isn't any inventory. You were correct in your first post, my apologies for any confusion. I love my o clone, so I was hopeful that others would get to enjoy it too.

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  3. If you are in Iowa or Minnesota, Fareway grocery stores stock them for about $5 for 7. Someone besides me must buy them, they keep restocking the shelves. I have 10 carts now I think I have enough for now.
  4. While I love my Schick injectors and Repeaters, my favorite tool is the Enders Speed with a Schick Proline. Smoother and easier to true BBS than anything else in my rather well stocked den.[​IMG]

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  5. I'd be wary of an E-1 or E-2 if I were you.
    Schick's 20-year guarantee will be expired by now.
  6. True, then one I have expired in '59. The older one lost it's I have no idea. :302:
  7. shotgun233

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    I was just on the eBarbershop website - they have an injector the $24.95, but it doesn't say what type it is. Can anyone shed some light about this injector?
  8. It certainly isn't a Type O clone. The picture is not large enough to see the details, but it could be either a Type L clone or a clone of one of the Type Ns.
  9. I know you are a huge fan of the cloned Type O. Do you have an original? Something tells me you do. Cheers!!
  10. Yes, I do, and I got it NOS.
  11. Perfect!!:a50:
  12. Sabre and I looked into the listing I had found, but it is unavailable right now. We aren't clear what that means, out of stock or out of production entirely. I found the listing using Google, not their site. Either way, I was wrong. My apologies.

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  13. Drat! I just got one off the bay, too. Hope it doesn't fall apart in my hands, lol.
  14. Ron R

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    I got a E2 NOS with this case on a _bay lot(was not expecting that) and will give it to my son for a Christmas present hopefully, just thought you guys would like to see the warranty and some nostalgia from that era.
    Schick razors e2 box.jpg Stick Schick with a 20 year warranty from a G Schick  (2).jpg Stick Schick was just resting on the NOS Schick E2 shipping box.
    Have some great shaves!
  15. Thank you for posting those instructions.
  16. Awesome score! I could be wrong but I think the E2 didn't have the parallel grooved safety bar
  17. I believe you are correct. My two E2s (both opening).

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  18. Ron R

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    That model is a E3(you are correct) and I have 3 other E2 razors and use the terms of models loosely.
  19. 01F70D0B-E649-4696-9F9F-586ABA7CD40E.jpeg 958A2C3F-323D-4857-8516-994BD13C975B.jpeg 6A748981-9F37-41A4-9DC9-E7B880DB5E92.jpeg Neither of mine have the parallel groves. The E3 has grained brass while the E2 is smooth.

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