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    I started my wet shaving journey close to 2 decades ago by jumping head first into straight razors. Lost interest after a couple of years with then, and slothed back to carts. 6 or 7 years ago, I got the bug again, and got into DEs. Dabbled with straights still, but mostly DEs. I guess the maintenance of honing thrill was gone for me. Plodded along with DEs, trying to find that one perfect combination of razor and blade. Came real close several times, but always chasing the next best combo. You know what I'm talking about, right? Haha. "Wow, that was an awesome shave, but can it be better? What if I try this blade with that razor?"
    Tried single edge, the MMOC was a good razor for me, but the design of the head was like a sponge. Rinse the razor, shake it out, put on face and watch still yet even more water drip down my face, making a mess.
    Then I discovered injectors.
    Shaving perfection. The design of the razors head, narrow enough to get even right under my nose, and blades thick enough to not flex and make weepers .... is genius! I get a smile on my face every time I'm done shaving with one, which is every day. Om just amazed that injectors aren't more popular. I'm pretty well rounded in wet shaving equipment and methods, but hands down injectors are the pinnacle of wet shaving technology. YMMV, of course.
  1. Congratulations on discovering injectors. :a29:I only use vintage Schick Type E and I have a Golden 500.
  2. I'm actually selling my DEs and will be selling my straights also. Can't believe I haven't discovered them sooner.
  3. I use the Schick blades and they are available locally. Regardless of which razor I use daily, the Type E takes care of setting the sideburns and nostril area.

    Also use it to shave the back of my neck.

    Judging from the vintage DE razors I have used, none of them shaves as well as the Schick or GEM razors.
  4. The Gem razors have such a wide head though. I'm not brave enough to shave upwards under my nose. Someday I'd like to get a nice cased E1 or 2.
  5. Glad to see that you're enjoying your injectors. That's a steep, but relatively inexpensive, rabbit hole.
  6. This week I'm shaving with a Schick Type J injector loaded with a Chick blade, though I'm not a fan of the oval shaped handle of the Type J. However, I like all the injectors. I find I get the best shaves when I shave at a shallow angle (keep the handle a little high, and keep the flat part of the head flat or virtually flat against the face). Experiment with the angle, and use minimal pressure.
  7. When a lot of us start with the hobby of wet shaving (as opposed to the chore of it), we want to try everything. After a while, you get more interested in results versus flash. That's where I am now. And the injectors are all about performance. Simplest, most efficient razors I've found.
  8. Injectors are not so popular as they are now a legacy item. With only one or two vendors offering new products. The O clone is no longer appears on eBarbershop, they have a type L. Is this the product that got poor reviews on Amazon? There is a constant supply on eBay, but at probably 400 to 500 they won't supply anyone but hobbyists.
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  9. Let others rave about the AC "windshield wiper" blade razors as that means more vintage injectors at sane prices for we lovers of that genre.
  10. DCP


    Just used my type I injector tonight. It has been a while since I've used it.

    I got a wonderful and comfortable shave.

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  11. IMHO, its not a lack of popularity as much as a lack of knowledge they exist and that they shave so well. I know of no mid 1930's Gillette TTO that can compare to a mid '30's Schick Type E. The same can be said for a mid 1930's GEM Micromatic. Once a man is introduced to a Gillette alternative, they appreciate these SE designs.

    That said, I appreciate and enjoy my complete collection.
  12. Very good point about lack of awareness about SE shaving.
  13. Injectors are easy to shave but they still need a particular technique of usage in my opinion .

    I remember that my first shaving with an Injector where not that good and I sold the razor. Now after some months of experience and understanding the flat cap angle, I really get superb shavings. The E series is really good.
  14. Anyone buying a used type e or g should check the neck angle, which can be easily bent flat thereby changing the intended shaving angle.
  15. Understood. But it's the flatness of the head on the face (zero degrees or so) that is relevant, more so than the angle of the handle that possibly is bent.
  16. In my thinking, it might work better if there was an injector razor that had the head larger, around 50-60% of the size of a gem razor. It would help more with the angle.
  17. Isn't there a Feather razor that size?

    For my use, the size is perfect.
  18. I think the smaller width of injector razor heads is perfect. It allows for extreme manueverability, like under the nose. For me this is where SE razors like GEMs fail. Wider straights, and a lot of DE razors, too.
  19. Yes, I agree. Even GEM recognized the size prevented WTG use and advised cross grain use under the nose.

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