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    I have a E2 and been just using the blades in the yellow pack. Are these the best that’s out or is some of vintage ones off the internet better?
  1. I find the yellow packed blades (Chinese Schicks, or Chicks) to be excellent blades. Lately, Gents have been buying Japanese Schick blades (Prolines) on eBay and from Japan, and they think they are even better. I haven't had a chance to try them yet, so I can't say. Personna blades are available from Ted Pella--just google Ted Pella blades. There are also a number of NOS blades available on eBay--just search for Injector blades.
  2. For 90% of us the Chinese Schicks are excellent and they give the best bang for the buck.
  3. The yellow packs are available locally which makes them very attractive. These blades last a long time as well.
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  4. I do like the Personna blades and find them to be slightly smoother than the yellow Schick blades. My issue is with the magazine they come in... It is so poorly made that injecting a blade can be a struggle.
  5. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one! I also prefer the Personna blades to the Schick blades, but I thought it was my razor that was making the blade loading process a struggle. I had forgotten that I didn't have that issue with the Schick blades.
  6. Yep! It’s that pesky plastic magazine that they come in which creates all of the issues. In addition to being smoother than the yellow Schicks, the Personna blades are also cheaper.
  7. I've never read of someone saying the Personna's are smoother until now. What injector are you using?
  8. I use them in my Schick and PAL injectors. I’m really quite happy with Personna blades. My only issue is with the magazines the come in.
  9. I think it is not the case anymore.
    28 blades of Chinese Schiks costs around 20 usd. 40 blades of Proline blades cost around 22 usd from Rakuten.

    I have never tried the Proline actually.
  10. Definitely my blade of choice and no issues ordering from Rakuten.

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  11. I have never used Proline blades, but I understand you have to load them into an empty metal injector that has a key.

    Thanks but I'll pass. I'm very happy with the Schick Injector blades from China, and I maintain my original observation.

    BTW do the Proline blades last as long as the Chick's?
  12. Yes & they are a better blade. It's not hard to load loose blades into one of your old Schick magazines. A monkey could do it.

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