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Injector Stand

Hello all.

I'm a first time wetshaver who after a week of practicing with a brush and cream whilst still using a mach3 (apparently I'm suppossed to shudder after uttering that name) decided to upgrade and I eventually settled on trying out an Schick Injector first and them picking up my grandfathers old Gillette DE next time I see my grandmother.

So I got on ebay and picked up a Schick Injector type E and some packs of new blades for a song and am currently waiting for them. However I've since decided that such a nice razor needs to be seen and not shoved in a drawer so will standard razor stands hold a type E? Or do I have to buy a specialty stand?
I'm not certain about regular stands, but as an owner of multiple Injectors (and being of the same mind about displaying them) I purchased toothbrush holders at Bed & Bath for this purpose.

The only one that is a little tricky is the Injector Type "I"--the handle is thick at the bottom and has to be manuevered just right to avoid catching. You can see a type "E" resting comfortably in the chrome rack:
Thanks for the reply.

I think using a toothbrush holder is a great idea and its looks good too. I'll just have to try and buy a small one so I don't use a large rack as an excuse to buy more razors :biggrin: