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Injector razors.

Hey guys.
I'm thinking about adding an injector razor to the collection. Have any of you had good luck using the schick or pal branded injector razors.
I love my Injectors! So far I've tried a D, E, G, I, and M series and have gotten consistently fast and easy shaves with the Pella blades in each. If I had to pick a favorite at this point it would be the E for closeness. I have a shave quality Pal Injecto-matic on the way, but I've haven't tried a Pal yet.

This has been one of my favorite reference pages lately.

I have a Type E injector coming in and I also have a type I injector currently. I bought both because I thought they looked kinda cool, shaved with it once and it was good, however I prefer the DE. I will be keeping around an E that I have already as it was my grandfathers but I may be willing to part with one of the others if you are interested.
I got an injector of my great grandpa's the other day...found some shick blades at the local grocery store....man oh man, that thing is a shaving machine. In fact i shaved with it this morning. I love it. Def. worth picking one up.
Thanks guys.
I really appreciate all the information. I'm definately gonna get one.

i really hope you´re the seller, not the buyer, i think its brass, not gold and i picked up one for around 10 bucks,
I'll cast another vote for the E type Schick injector; they give a nice shave and they travel well, too.

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i love my injectors, i have the fallowing, E, I, J and a gillette Injector razor, and i want to try those heafy personna injectors, they look like the merkur vision Injector equivalent

BTW, the ted pella blades. horrible, not with 50 cent, let alone the 4,95, i heard a rumor about feather injector blades, is that true ?
I forgot to add that I also have a Gillette Injector, like Aevum, and I prefer the shave it gives over most of my Schick's. Even though the Gillette is mostly plastic and has a seemingly too long handle it is the most comfortable Injector to shave with I have and almost automatically finds the perfect angle, especially on the neck with an up stroke. The major fault I can find with it is it feels and looks cartridge like. It is fun to shave with though, so fun that more than 50% of my shaves the past three weeks have been with one.

My first wet shave razor as a young buck was a Schick injector. I used it all the way up until 1994 or so. Too bad I chucked it!!

I thought you could not get blades for one any more.
I thought you could not get blades for one any more.
I got my bades from Ted Pella surgical supply but Schick and possibly PAL still make blades. I think Feather also makes one that just needs to be modified a bit to fit. There seem to be quite a bit of old stock still left like some of the twin blade Injectors which give an interesting shave.
i still want to try one of those hefty personna injectors, i just how they arent as bad as their blades,
I have recently lost TWO bids on Pal Injecto matics. I got busted at the airport last week with a TECH in my carryon, the guy said it's a weapon. I said, it is a Safety razor. He didn't buy it and made me remove the blade. So it looks like injectors are the travel razor for us business travelers.

I have two Shick injectors, a 66 which I want to keep in great shape and the gold repeater, which is really cool but there are better shavers. So, I am also looking for a good quality shaver.