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Injector Questions???

So, I've been on quite a spree of buying things that I don't need lately, and I've noticed a few NOS Injector's on Ebay in unopened, original packaging.

I was thinking about buying one of these, but had several questions: 1) what do you guys regard as a fair price?? 2) I've read a lot about different "types" (usually designated with letters).....which is best for an Injector newbie??? 3) how do they shave compared to DE razors (more/less aggressive, more/less user-friendly, etc.)??? 4) finally, I've read that most grocery/drug store blades aren't that great, does this hold true for most of you Injector users???

Also, any discussion of the general technique would be helpful as well while I evaluate whether or not to buy an Injector.
I shave regularly with a NOS Schick I bought from eBay--it is the long black handled razor and mine came with a pack of TWIN injector blades which I really like (Japanese versions of these blades are available on both B&B and eBay).

I find the "drugstore" blades to be just fine--I actually like them better than the Schick branded blades you can buy online at places like drugstore.com, etc.

I have a variety of injectors--I probably overpaid for the NOS--but I don't take chances with things I know I want, are limited in availability, and will last a long time. And they WILL last--my injectors date from the 1970s back to the 1930s, and they all work flawlessly.

And with the exception of the early/antique models, they all work pretty much the same. Long handle vs short handle is a personal preference. The adjustable is nice if you like that sort of thing, but the non-adjustable is my fav. The Hydro-Magic makes it easier to rinse shaving cream from the blade--but in the end, every one is a great razor.
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I used an injector for quite some time back in the days when they were current product on the market. The razor, by the design of it's head is very manuverable and easy to get close under the nose etc. My favorite was the Eversharp Hydro-magic model, due to the ease of rinsing it out with the head components loosened up with that Hydro-magic lever.

I also had a pal adjustable which I really liked in many ways but I went back to the Hydro-magic since I was spoiled by that rinsing feature.

Since I really haven't used an injector in recent times, I'm not in a position to judge the current blades. although I collect all types of safety razors, I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to injectors lately, so I'm afraid that I also don't feel qualified to give you any guidance on what you should expect to pay for a nice one.

That system of catagorizing the Schicks by "Types A, B, C, D, etc." that you alluded to comes from here . . . http://www.safetyrazors.net/schick/schicktech.htm

If you haven't already, you might want to peruse this site. Mr Appleby has a lot of information collected together in one place here. It may not be 100% complete, but I doubt you will find a more comprehensive listing of Schick injectors anywhere else.

There were a couple of other companies that produced injectors in the later years in an attempt to compete with Schick. Gillette and American Safety Razor (Pal brand) come to mind. There may have been others, but I can't think of any offhand. Certainly Schick (Eversharp in the later years) was the developer and the main producer of the injector razor.

I've had the good fortune of finding a number of injectors of different "letters" during trips to local antique shops. So far the most I've paid for one was 6 bucks, but that one came with a case. :biggrin:
The one thing I can't find locally is blades. The only blade I've used has been the Ted Pella blades. My experience with them seems to echo most folks here, the first shave of two can tear you up a bit, but after that 6-8 great shaves can be expected. I pushed a blade to 14 shaves once, but that was REALLY pushing it.
As far as technique, most tips for DE shaving apply. A nice thick lather is a must. Keep the head of the razor flat against your face.
Slightly off topic, if you want to see an example of injector shaving in movies, check out "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" staring Cary Grant. Great movie, great shave scenes.
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