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    I’ve always thought about trying one out as I hear they are mild. I see the injector clone is pretty well made. Is that a good starte razor? What blades are best for these ?

    If there is a cheap alternative, I’m all for it.
  1. I’ll recommend you go with a vintage Schick over the clone. I had a clone of the Schick L model and ended up throwing it away. Go with the real deal.

    Do you like a moderately aggressive razor? If so, go for the Schick E model. Mild is your style? Go for the Schick L model. If you’re into adjustables, then try the Schick model M adjustable.

    Blades are basically limited to the Chinese made Schick injector blades or Personna blades. The Ted Pella blades are rebranded Personnas.

    I’m a big fan of injector razors as they give great shaves, most can be had under $20 USD and I can get 15 shaves easily out of one blade.
  2. Definitely mild is my preferred option!
  3. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    You more than likely can go to a local antique store and pick up a E or G injector for around $10 and buy brand new blades because that is where I screwed up and they will bring the enjoyment of shave out with with a Schick injector.
    Schick has a great blade system and you can get into tough areas around the nose and have no blade overhang on the sides to snag you.
    Here is a couple of sites that explains the different types of Schick injectors if you do not have them.
    Schick Injector Razors
    Schick injectors - A comprehensive guide
    Have some great shaves!
  4. I find them to be similar in handling to a disposable, like the Good News Plus I used to use.
    I have an E3 that's harsher than I like...

    ... but the Lady Evershap is pretty nice. Plus it has a HydroMagic lever.

    My Frankenjector wasn't bad either. I think it's a G head, duct-taped to a Soluna handle.
  5. Schick is the way to go in my book. L is really mild. Going up to an "I" might be a better step and something you can stay with longer. I like "G" which is a little more aggressive than I's. If you are now shaving with cartridge razors, don't press down as hard as those. Take it easy.
  6. I must agree with the first stated opinion to avoid the clone. It’s OK, it holds twin blades too if you can get them...but it’s just OK.

    Loving the Schick M Adjustable! Super smooth, plenty mild even on the higher settings, and still efficient enough to give a good BBS with ease.
  7. For comparison, my preferred DE are tech with a feather and Rocket HD.. over to the Schick world, I like an I2 Hydromatic on 2 or more days growth, and a Schick adjustable if shaving daily.

    Best wishes, JM
  8. L-type would be my recommendation since you look for a mild option.
    Vintage Schicks are too affordable not to buy the original. Just post a WTB thread or take a look at the auction sites. Clones are clones.
  9. Proline blades are really nice too.
  10. Nice but would need to load the blades first into an injector with a key...

    Agree with above, I, J, L, M types all mild efficient shavers, M being an adjustable...I vs J is essentially handle length, I being the shorter.
  11. I love the short handle I.. grippy and super maneuverable. My go to vacation and summer razor.
  12. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    This is the Schick Type L-3. It's a great handle. The razor is not the most common of models but good ones are easy enough to find if you're patient. The razor will take the TWIN blade.

    The Schick Chick blades are also very very good.

    Used as a steep angle all the injectors I've tried have shaved well, been easy enough to use after a short learning curve, and been pleasant to use.

    My favorite is the E-2. I'm not promoting it for anyone else and I'm not saying everybody's E-2 is as good as mine. Check out the range of injectors, but see why I like the E-2.

    You Don't Have to be an Expert.jpg

    There are a lot of good options in basic injectors.

    ChubbyScrubby.Clone.W&S.Kit.640.4-18.JPG Manchurian.1912.Clone.640.5-6-18.JPG TypeO.TypeOClone.Name.Top.JPG

    One interesting option in the Type O clone (pictured above). Here's a link. The razor is a virtually exact duplicate of the relatively rare and quite expensive Schick Type O. The clone can use the TWIN blade or the Schick Chick blade.

    The Type O clone is generally considered mild. To me the injectors are all both smooth and at least reasonably efficient or more so. But, that's using 'em steep.

    Mostly I use a straight razor but I'm not getting rid of my injectors.

    Happy shaves,

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  13. That is not the type O clone. They one they sell now is a type L clone. Better off buying the real deal Schick L instead since you can get one cheaper than that price.
  14. Besides an L or up which would suit the criteria for a milder injector razor, if you can find one reasonably priced a Gillette twinjector razor should also be an option.
  15. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Hello Jim,They just had a Schick NOS tennis racket handle on _bay and yours looks like in new shape, I like Schick razors also and like to use them with a riding the cap or Shallow approach. Just put a order in for some Schick Prolines and Personna injectors at Connaught UK to see how well they handle, I have the Schick blades and like you mentioned they are great.
    Lots of good reviews on the Schick Prolines blades and a few on the Personna's blades injector magazine also, the plastic magazine build is not so good from what others have mentioned. I always had good results with Personna blades and so I had to buy a Personna injector blade magazine also to test out.
    Gem procedure (2).jpg blade_angle-se-de.gif
    Have some great shaves!
  16. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I think the Schick M type would suit your needs for a lot of ranges & twin II use , they can be a little pricey but there are good deals out there for the diligent.
    Have some great shaves!
  17. A Type L Clone has become my go-to razor. One of these days I'll get a real Schick Type L to compare it with. The shave wasn't as smooth as with my Schick Adjustable, maybe due to the safety bar being a tad rough, but I don't notice that now. Either I'm used to it, or whatever was rough has worn off.

    The advantage over vintage Schick is I don't mind if I lose it. This will be my travel razor from now on. The disadvantage might be quality control issues. Comments about the Type L clone makes me wonder if this is what's going on with them. Mine has an oddity of the loader wanting to put a new blade under the old one rather than push it out. I have to be careful when changing blades. I never had this problem with my Schick Adjustable.
  18. Look for a Schick E2, that can swing the spring so the razor can open for cleaning and Proline blades can be installed in a open razor thus bypassing the need for a key injector
  19. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    You're right. I apologize for being careless with the link.

    The ebarbershop Type O clone seems to not be on their website now. There are Type O clones on the BST occasionally.

    A Type L is a good choice I think.

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