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Injector question

I just bought this injector. What is this brass thing in the blade area?

Just curious what it might be.

The razor itself is very clean. Looks like it has barely been used.
thats a inserted blade, the previous owner might have put it in to protect the razor in long term storage,
it should fall out as you insert a ready to shave blade in it,
Not being argumentative, but it's brass. I wasn't aware anyone made brass blades. And it's the farthest thing in the world from sharp. You can rub your finger hard across it and it won't cut you. I don't think it's a blade. Or are you referring to some other sort of place holder blade?

I was wondering if maybe it is something the manufacture put in it, and it's just simply never been used. Like I say, a place holder or something of that sort.

Has anyone ever seen one of these unused?
As you've guessed, it's a placeholder put in by the manufacturer. I've got a NOS shick hydromagic that still has that placeholder in it, along with the instructions and full injector magazine in the box.
I may be wrong, but I think that's the fake blade a new razor was shipped with. Unless I'm mistaken, you have an unused injector my friend.:thumbup1:
The box this thing came in is ruff, no blades, no instructions. No clue how this went unused. Kinda cool, though.

I'm not a big-time collector. Is something like this desirable to a collector? I got it to shave with, but I'd hate to ruin something that someone really into it might like.

** To be clear, I'm not making an offer for a transaction in this post. I'd save that for BST when I have enough posts under my belt. Besides, I might use it before that happens.
actually, mantic has a video on youtube showing how the injector is loaded,

if my eyes to not decive me, the modem you have has this little "arc" pushing on the bottom of the blade holder, it goes from the bottom blade holder to a curcular circle close to where the metal ends and the bakelite starts, you can push it sideways to release the blade holder to take out the placeholder brass piece, just bare in mind, that is not how you load an injector,