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Injector PIF

Why - 1995 posts of mostly nothing said.

What -
  • User grade Schick injector - standard butterscotch and gold color. I'll scrub it up with a toothbrush and if that isn't good enough for you feel free to do more if you get it. Picked up at a sale and never got around to getting SE blades to try it out so you are on your own for that.
  • No name boar brush broken in.
  • Small soap dish. Too small for lathering in but good enough for holding soap for face lathering. I may even put a sample of soap in it. Mama Bear or VDH.

Where - CONUS

Who - Newbs/someone who can't afford to try this out on their own

How - Random number generator

When - Next week. Maybe sooner.

Pics - Maybe. If I feel like it. I'm a curmudgeon, someone abandoned some cats by our house in the coldest weather of the year, and I've been arguing with an insurance company. Don't push it.
I'm in! Fall into both categories there :lol:

Was as given one of my dads that was used and put up wet so it's in horrible shape and I can't seem to get the dang thing clean enough to use :( would love to have a usable one, opposed to a decoration!!

thanks for the opportunity!!
I would love to try an injector.
I'm in, I can relate to the cats. One of our neighbors has claimed my back porch...Hate the smell...
I'm in. I have been debating weather or not to pick up an injector just to try it out. Cool PIF might make my mind up for me if I'm lucky.
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