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Injector - How to remove last blade of the cartridge from the razor?


I recently bought an adjustable injector from Rudy Vey (thanks Rudy). He included a cartridge of blades with it.

I just loaded my first blade into the Injector, and it appears that the next blade from the cartridge will push out the first one when it is time to change blades.

I am not at my last blade yet, but that brings up the question - How does the last blade come out? (In case I want to store the Injector and go back to DE for a while)
If you don't have another cartridge with blades in it, you will have to insert the empty cartridge and carefully push the blade out with a toothpick or something. Once the blade is out a bit you can use pliers to pull it the rest of the way out.
I keep around an old injector cartridge that has maybe two or three blades left in it, insert the injector stem into the razor as per normal, and push the loading lever slightly. This forces the blade tip from the old cartridge out far enough that it pushes the used blade in the razor out a bit. Then as mmack66 suggests, take some pliers and pull the used blade out of the razor. You can then push the tip of the injector cartridge blade back into the cartridge. Never a cut, never a problem.
If you don't have an old cartridge around , what I do is to press a toothpick into the slot where the key would go. That should open it up enough to use another toothpick or small object to push the blade out. I'll leave the first toothpick in long enough to give the inside a little scrub with an old toothbrush before taking it out to clean the rest of the razor.


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The Injector razors were sold with a "blank" in them for a reason, to make it easier to load the first blade from the cartridge. It is much harder to load a new blade in an Injector if there is no blade there to begin with.
Unless you have an abnormal fear of being cut, just leave it in there. I have injectors that have had blades in them for months on end (some years probably) with NO ill effects.
If it's the fear of a sharp left lying around, get one of those thick rubber bands used to hold asparagus together at the supermarket, and put that on the head where the blade is.
yeah man,
i could barely get the first blade in my injector when it was empty,
after that its a breeze,

if i was you i would order some ted pellas for 20 blades for 4 80

use a de or se while you wiat for shipping, and inject a new blade when it arrives,

i see no reason to remove the blade,
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