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I am looking for info on injectors. Who made them other than schick, What models are there, and what are some decent prices to pay for one, what brands of blades do they make, and how do you use them? I bought a schick eversharp (this is an injector right?) on ebay for $6. Thanks in advance.
The injectors were originally sold by the Magazine Repeating Razor Company. This was the original company that Col. Schick started for the purpose of distributing his patented razor of the same name. He eventually sold the company to the company that actually manufactured the products for him. I believe that company was called American Chain and Cable. The product was still called "Schick".

Eventually, the company was bought out by Eversharp who continued to use the Schick name as well as their own on the products.

As was mentioned, Gillette did eventually make an injector razor to compete with Eversharp in that product arena.

There was also at least one model, an adustable stainless steel one, made by American Safety Razor under the "Pal" name.

There may have been others, either domestic or foriegn, who made injectors but that is all that comes to my mind.

I shaved with a Schick Grip (tennis racket) injector this morning and received a BBS shave. I have about 12 Schick injectors and enjoy keeping one in the rotation. This site, http://www.safetyrazors.net/schick/schicktech.htm, has been helpful to me as I have acquired Schick injectors.

I enjoy Schick as they had a lot of whimsical fashion style to them. Besides the Grip, I enjoy my Stick Schick which is modeled after a 4-speed shifter. Haven't ordered any Pella blades yet, but have been happy with the ones I buy at CVS. SWMBO has a J1 Schick in addition to her Lady Gillette and seems to enjoy it as well. Oldest I have is a Deluxe model from the late 30's to early 40's.

I buy 99% of my razors hunting through little roadside antique stores and paid between $.50 to $4.00 for my Schick Razors. For some reason injectors seem to have a greater chance of still having a blade in them than the DE's do so be careful as you rummage around little shops looking for them. Clean up is pretty straight forward and easy with the injector's I use a toothpick to push the old blade out enough so I can grab it with my pliers then clean like any other razor.

I do pass on more older Schick's as dealers think a bakelite handle overcomes real damage to the unit. I only purchase razors I believe I can use when shaving. Lots of luck with your new razor and hope you enjoy it as mush as I enjoy mine.
Besides the Pal adjustable injector razor that I mentioned earlier, I have now found this.

It appears to be a somewhat earlier vintage razor than the stainless steel Pal adjustable. With the name "Pal" on it, I'm sure it was made by ASR, but I don't really know just when it would have been sold; possibly in the '60's or '70's?

The Injecto-Matics are decent shavers. A bit more aggressive than most Schick's I've tried, but nice shavers and the grip is really nice.

They came in cases as well and have at least one other handle style, probably more.


Any idea as to the vintage of the Injecto-Matics? I guess I had seen these before but I don't happen to have any in my collection. Well, now I have something else to be looking for. :001_rolle

i have a eddison (israeli Personna rebadger) floating head injector, havent shaved with it yet, but i can truly say, it is one of the ugliest safety razors i have ever seen,
I've always been of the understanding that they were from the late-40's/early-50's in that blue plastic case. As I recall, this was from a conversation with my dad before he passed in '84, and he may have been wrong.

-- John Gehman
Could very well be John. Does anyone know when Bakelite went out of fashion? I've had four Injecto-Matics (still have three) and all were plastic of some kind and not Bakelite, they had seams in the handles.
Could very well be John. Does anyone know when Bakelite went out of fashion? I've had four Injecto-Matics (still have three) and all were plastic of some kind and not Bakelite, they had seams in the handles.
I jsut got one at my first antique visit for $5 and I believe it is bakelite. It has a seam and looks like they were going for immitation ivory. I have no idea of its age.
I have one of the first Schick injector sets produced after Eversharp bought the rights to the razor. The handle on the my razor is seamed plastic, so the use of bakelite in Schick handles evidently precedes 1946. I'll add that my injector, with its relatively large blade gap, is an aggressive little bugger.

Chris wrote:
Does anyone know when Bakelite went out of fashion?
Post-war years after WWII. GEM introduced a very similar plastic case for their 'Magic Eye' Micromatic in '48, and Gillette introduced the Red Styrene case with the Superspeed in '49.

-- John Gehman