Injector from ebarbershop (not the O clone)

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    I have one and use it occasionally. It seems to be more aggressive than the I, J, and N types. I can’t compare it to a Schick L as I don’t have one. I ordered it and it came with stops messed up as the blade would ride over the stop. I contacted the vendor and they were quick to replace it. The replacement had no problems except it was a little stiff loading the first blade as there was no dummy blade.
    I don’t use it too much as I’m not a fan of aggressive razors.
  1. I have one too. I was originally wanting the O. Then it was out of stock and when I ran accross this one (L clone) on eBarbershop, I thought it was the same and ordered it, not realizing it wasn't an O clone. After reading this thread I realize what I have - Not an O clone. I have another Schick L that I like better. Sounds like the O clones were better. Now that I know how easy it is to come by the more common L and M's at decent prices I see no reason to buy a clone. Get the real deal.
  2. Does anyone still sell an O clone?
  3. Not that I know of. But be patient. It was announced months ago that eBarbershop was closing, but they subsequently re-opened and made the O clones available again. It might just be a temporary sourcing or production problem.
  4. Holy crap! I bought the one referred to in the OP believing it was an O clone, going by the reviews. I am getting straight on to ebarbarshop to cancel the order.
  5. Rough timeline of eBarbershop events in 2018 and O clone availability (to the best of my recollection, likely flawed):
    July/August 2018: eBarbershop announces they will go going out of business. There was an illness or something and things weren't feasible.
    August/September 2018: O clones sold out on site. Site still operational.
    November 2018: I checked the site and still operational (well past the closing date set) and O clones were back in stock.
    May/June 2019: someone mentioned difficulty obtaining O clone. I found a listing for it, but it appeared to be archived and you couldn't buy the razor.
    Later June 2019: previous archived listing for O clone couldn't be found on recheck.

    Don't know if that clears up your confusion, the tldr is that they announced they'd be closing, then didn't. Slightly later, O clones went out of stock for a time, then were restocked on the site. Since then, they've sold the inventory and removed the O clone listing. Unavailable for purchase last I checked.

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