Injector from ebarbershop (not the O clone)

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    I notice they have the Type O reviews listed under this razor... that's pretty poor.
  2. I recommend it to a friend of mine who wanted a new injector razor. Hope it is a good quality razor.
  3. Sure seems to be well liked according to the reviews on the site!
  4. I hope I haven't made a mistake. LOL
  5. It seems to me @xxvaleria liked them.... But I'm old and could be completely mistaken. Let me know what you think, as I have wondered about them. Of course, then my lovely War Department would just shoot me for buying one.
  6. I didn't buy it for myself and never tried one before.

    A friend of mine ordered it based on my recommendation..he doesn't like used razors so this is was the only unused injector razor on the market.
  7. That’s the clone of the Schick L model. I bought one last year from another vendor (not ebarbershop) and all it did was nick me up. After a dozen or so shaves I realized that the problem was caused by the blade stops. I tried “adjusting” them, but no success. I threw out the razor early this year.

    It is possible that I had the one bad razor from the lot. Hopefully ebarbershop has a different manufacturer than the vendor I purchased from.
  8. ike


    There is a new injector you can buy;

    supply single razor - Google Search
  9. This Type L clone has been around for a while and many have complained that it was a mediocre razor at best and a bad razor at worst. The original Type L itself was not the best injector Schick came out with. I think the problem with this clone is that there are many genuine Type L out there that are going for the same or lower price. This was not the situation with their original Type O clone, where the originals were unobtaniums and if one came up you are looking at a car payment to get one.
  10. Hmm ... This is not a good news.
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  11. If this is the vendor that I also bought from (and who no longer sells them), I had a similar problem with the stops. In my case they were cast with a slope and the blades rode up over time, leaving a large and uneven gap. I was able to file the faces of the stops to vertical and was happy with the shaves after that.
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    They don't have the Type O clones anymore?

    If so, that's good news for me (and not for you I'd guess). I have an ebarbershop Type O clone + sealed in their packages heir and spare. I bought the two extras when it looked like ebarbershop was closing for good and the razors would become unobtanium.

    My guess is the O clones will return. I'm not lucky enough to have purchased unobtanium razors as investments. I have also a Schick Type O so I can tell you for sure that the O clones are real clones. Really good clones. I bought the genuine article at a very good price considering what they go for.


    My only Type L is this L-3. A great razor with the best handle ever made.

    Happy shaves,


  13. I have never tried the eBarbershop Type L clone and can't comment on them. I do have the Type O clone, and think it is excellent. I also have an original Type O, and can't tell the difference.

    At one time, there was a Chinese piece of junk called "National Campus" which was a Type L clone and was universally condemned by all who tried them, but I don't know if that is the model that eBarbershop is selling. PAA also sold a Type L clone a few months ago, but I don't see it on their web site any more.
  14. I like the Supply....
  15. Thanks for chiming in!
  16. There are many unboxed and sealed Schick Injectors available on eBay. I have around fifteen of my own. Some are real bargains.
  17. +1 on the Supply.
  18. I guess all I have to do is wait and hear what my friend will say about the Injector razor. My reputation is at stake but I know I can remedy with another razor suggestion. :)

    Thank you guys for the feedback.
  19. My PAA one is great. I am not sure if this is the same one or not...

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