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Injector Blades

Can you guys make any recommendations of where to
find injector blades, and if so, what type do you recommend?
Any chance they might be sold in bulk for less?
I just picked up a box of Derby's and Personnas DE blades for around 10 bucks
a box (100 count), hoping to find the same for the injector blades.

Much thanks!
Several people on this site have recommended the injector blades sold by Ted Pella (which is a scientific supply company). They sell both carbon steel blades and teflon coated stainless steel blades (I'm assuming that the stainless steel version would be the type to use for shaving). I've never tried their blades, but you might want to search this site for "Pella" to review the comments by others.


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The Ted Pellas are good blades and are pretty cheap - $4.50 for 20. The first shave can be a little harsh, but they smooth out nicely and last well. Some folks think these are the same blades as the Personna injector blades as they're made by the same company I believe.

In any event, they're good blades at a good price.

Here's a link


Product # 121-4.