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Injector blade life

I got into vintage wetshaving because of the high cost/waste and terrible shaves I was getting with the carts/disposables. Now I usually use the Rolls or a straight so my waste is nill there :001_smile

However, I do have an injector (was my grandfathers) and a DE in my rotation. I have tried the Schick Plus Platinum and CVS brand blades and can only get 1.5 shaves out of them. First shave is BBS with either the Schick or CVS, but on the second shave the blade begins to pull on my ATG pass and will leave some weepers. Yes, I have wires growing out of my face! :tongue_sm Now I only use it once a week so it's not like I am blowing through blades, but I'd like to keep my waste down. So, any better blade options for the injector for those with tough beards?

As an aside, I can get 2 full shaves out of the DE with Personna blades. Now they are cheap enough compared to the injectors to where cost is OK, but I'd still like to get more use out of a blade. Any suggestions for a longer lasting blade there? I realize the initial cost may be more, but if they last longer it may end up being cheaper than blowing through Personna blades.
One of those really odd cases of YMMV, it would seem. My beard is not extremely heavy, but it's not terribly light, either, and grows fast. I can count on 7 shaves with the modern Schick injector blades, and have pushed one up to 10 without serious problems. The CVS ones I can pretty much count on 6, although I've sometimes changed them after 5. So it's hard to say why you're getting such bad results. Maybe others can offer advice, or say what they've been getting.

I have some vintage NOS Personna 74 injector blades that I'm looking forward to trying, but it probably isn't practical to go strictly vintage, and shouldn't be necessary.
I have a pretty heavy beard as well. Using blades from Ted Pella, I easily get 7-12 shaves or more out of a blade. They last a long time for me even at 3-4 passes per shave.
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