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injector against grain

How do you get the blade angle right when shaving up or against the grain with the injector? I can get it right pretty easily going down but the other way, very scary:eek:

Hmm... perhaps you could describe the problem a little more? Are there particular areas? Is it just the problem areas (jawline, chin, etc.), or everywhere?

The rule with an injector basically is just keep the metal plate on the head flat against your face as much as possible. If you tilt it foward onto the safety bar, you are likely to get irritation going against the grain especially. So just keep that baby flat. (In other words, the razor should be resting against your face with the blade and the metal plate behind it supporting the razor, or ideally just resting on the metal plate, with the blade just grazing along ahead - it should NOT be resting on the blade and safety bar, with the plate up off of your face).

BTW, what type of injector are you using?
How do you know it's flat when you're holding it upside down? I shave down on my face and jawline, up on my neck around the adam's apple and below. I'm still hairy after that so I need to do a pass up on the cheeks and jaw and down on the neck. Going up is what's difficult.
I'm using a Bakelite handled razor from the 40s. Maybe the E3. Not real sure, but I am using Schick blades.

Just look in the mirror and try to see. You could try holding it against your hand or arm to see what the handle angle should be, also.
With The Grain said:
flat is still flat, just now upside down...
That's the problem. I can't tell it's flat until I'm already hurt. I can't tell if it's on the safety bar or blade going up.
I'm sure practice makes perfect, in which case I would've figured this out on my own.
As I understand it the injector is a no-brainer on the angle issue. I certainly haven't had any trouble shaving with one(in any direction). Sounds like a failure to communicate as far as this thread is concerned. :confused:
With The Grain said:
not really, take a look at your injector, if you are holding the handle on a bakelite one at 45 degrees from your skin the blade isnt touching right, only the safety bar... now if you were to press with a ton of pressure you could probably get the blade to touch your skin, ie engage some cutting but this would be a scrapping motion and require a lot of pressure- not so much no brainer considering how guys coming from cartridges are use to using a lot of pressure.
Now staying with the old bakelite handle injectors where the handle runs perpendicular to the blade, in order to get a non-agressive shave you're going to need to try and keep the blade near parallel to your skin and that means having the handle close to perpendicular to your skin = minimizing the pressure you need to add. In going against the grain this gets more difficult but keep trying your best and it will work out imo.
Thanks for "getting it." I'll just keep practicing and try not to be afraid of it. I'd switched to a 54 Super Speed but I'm giving the old injector a try again tomorrow morning.

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