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Inherited Gillette Razors


This is my first post so a brief introduction. I bought my first DE razor (some Merkur) about 10 years ago in University. I didn't do well with it so stopped until last year. For some reason now I am having much better results. I just recently bought a Rockwell 6C which I like.

I have inherited three razors from my grandparents estate. Photos below. Using the articles from this site I have identified them as follows.

Left to right:
Lady Gillette - 1973
Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable - 1959
Gillette British Rocket - 1940's

My grandfather was in the Canadian Navy during WW2. I wonder if the Rocket was with him when he sailed around the UK, or if he acquired it before or after his service? 20180722_081318.jpg 20180722_082922.jpg 20180722_082943.jpg 20180722_083000.jpg
Welcome to B&B. Great to have acquired those heirlooms which are good razors. The Merkur you have is probably the 34C or 3 piece equivalent which is also a good razor.
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