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Information On A Straight Shavette-Style I Picked Up On eBay

What's going on guys,

So, this is my first post on the B&B Forum, and I just ordered my first DE razor. The question I have concerns a Straight Razor that came in the lot of razors I purchased. The DE is a Gillette, which doesn't have any markings on the underside, but it is plated somewhat nicely. It has scratches on the head, but I will see how it shaves. Hopefully it wasn't a bad choice for a beginner DE.

Anyhow, if any of the Straight Razor braniacs can shoot some inoformation my way concerning the straight razor, that would be awesome!!

Oh yeah, I only purchased the lot because the seller sold it to me for $7.00. Sweet deal if I say so myself.:thumbup:


Mike H

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The DE is a Gillette Ball End Tech, nice, mild and a great first razor. Can tell you much about the DE blades. The Shavette and blades are Double Duck Hair Shaper, used to cut hair. Regardless of what you may hear, they can be used for shaving.
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You did good. The blades are worth $7. Your DE has some plating issues, but should shave you just fine. The shavette is a "Dubl Duck" "Forever" razor. These were/are more used for hair shaping, but you can get a good shave with them. Check out the "Sabre" thread. There are lots of guys shaving with similar disposable blade straights. Welcome to the forum!
Hey, thank you guys for the information, and I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere. Now for that "Dubl Duck"; if I were to ever use it for shaving, does it need to have the "teeth" or what look like "guards", attached, or can I just stick the blade on it and try and shave?

Again, I appreciate the information, and thank you for being so welcoming. I feel like this is going to be a good place to spend a lot of time. :w00t:

Happy to know that I did get a good deal. Thanks guys!

Mike H

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As long as the blade sits tight without the guard, no problems. I never use the guard when I use my Weck.


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The guard is to protect your fingers when cutting hair and will probably only get in the way when shaving. The exposed blade (no guard) is sometimes used for shaves and is the choice of many barbers for doing shave line-ups because the blades are widely available. They are stiffer, and longer than de blades.
That is one beautiful knife. I'm diggin' all the chrome, and the vintage ad just clarifies the fact that these can be used for shaving.

Thank you Mike H.
I might be wrong - but I don't think the Dubl Duck hair shaper blades are the same as Weck blades.
I have one of those Lifetime razors here somewhere - I never found blades for it.
That particular guard will prevent you from shaving. The guard that Mike H shows with his Weck could be used for shaving. I recently acquired a NOS Weck like that that came with that guard and I quite enjoy the guard. Previously I have used hair shapers with no guard.

I've tried Personna and Fromm hair shaper blades. Without the guard I prefer Fromm blades, those Personnas are too harsh. With it I like the Personna better, though I haven't had that long enough to decide if I like it better.
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