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Infinity Razor?

I love how in the commercial on the webpage, they show the razor being dulled by 'shaving sandpaper clean' then claiming it can shave a 'delicate balloon.' Might as well be using a butter knife!
sapphire and diamond edge knifes are hard, but as usual, you want it to be sharp enough to cut the whiskers, not the skin, and brittle when reciving directional impacts, i wouldnt shave with something so sharp,


#%*#%+## razor. Could not get thru the first shave with it. A "lifetime" of pain - no thanks! Finished my shave with my Persona (Trac II) twin blade - what a pleasure - what a relief. Was able to return the Infinity to CVS with no problem.
I can thank Infinity Razor for triggering my discovery of DE wet shaving late last year. I was resisting trying out the new Fusion but was searching for a better shave experience when I saw the Infinity Razor advertisement. I felt it was too good to be true, but it motivated me to do some internet searching to find a better way. I saw the poor review(s) and realized Infinity was just trying out a new business model where you could send the razor back for replacement as often as you like, but the S&H charge would cover the cost of the actual product.
Along the way I saw gimmicks like this to keep your blade "aligned" and sharp:
And read a comment by Clark Howard about using a single razor the whole year:

On one hand I can believe Clark's whole year of razor usage and the Infinity razor up to a point. If one only does a WTG pass and doesn't try to shave close, one can shave with the same blade for a long time. In the past, before I switched to a DE, there had been times where I shaved with the same blade for many weeks, the shaves where not very close but were presentable. This is subjective comment, but with some cartridge blades I found that after the first 3 or 4 shaves there is a long period of time where they don't seem to get any more dull.

Personally I was happy to discover wetshaving and sites like B&B. Now I change blades as often as I like without concern for cost. Though various mild forms of xAD have prevented me from actually saving any money after making the switch. :biggrin:

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