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Infinity Razor?

i offered my services to this company as tester of their product, pointed them to this website (B&B), offered to do a review of their razor, and this was their response:

Good morning,

If you would like to order the Infinity Razor you may do so online or by calling our customer service department at (920) 966-6600 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CDT. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you.
The last razor you'll ever need...

You know, I would have thought this was ridiculous if it hadn't been for my wife. When I started wetshaving over a year ago, she asked if she could have my battery powered Mach 3 to shave her legs. I had run out of cartridges, and had only the one stuck to the razor. You guessed it, it's been 12 months, and she is STILL using the SAME blade cartridge. She says she likes 'em dull. Go figure, I have no idea how this could possibly work, but it does, her legs are silky smooth all the time.


So I was curious, or maybe dumb, enough to risk spending the money to try out the Infinity Razor. I figured with what I spend on razors even if it only works for a few months it was worth it. So... the review. I could not even shave my entire face once with it. It is definitely not "the greatest razor I've ever used". Far from it. Not even in the top 5.
It cuts like a cheap disposable razor. i.e.; pulls the hairs more than it really cuts them. My mach III razor that is a month old cuts better than this thing. Hopefully I will get my 3 razor blades and a refund like they promised when I return this thing and still basically break even after spending $7.50 on shipping ($5 in and $2.50 to return it.)
Will we ever see this one in the review section here ? I guess yes...thanks and welcome brensg!

Keep us posted on that refund brensg.
GeeQue said:
Will we ever see this one in the review section here ?

I made an offer to Infinity Razor Co. to post an official review on here (if they sent me a razor) and they snuffed me. I sure as heck won't be buying one of those trash-heaps.


I went ahead and bought one and the shave was rough. So I called the customer service department and told them about it and was informed there had been a manufacturing glitch. They sent me a new one and it IS AWESOME. The gels sucked but the kitchen knife is sharp and sturdy. I like this razor and have used it way past the point of a replacement blade's lifetime. I would recommend this item. I'm getting more for Christmas. presents.http://badgerandblade.com/vb/images/smilies/yellow_guys/thumbup1.gif

modern man

i offered my services to this company as tester of their product, pointed them to this website (B&B), offered to do a review of their razor, and this was their response:


call the a-team we have a problem

free ad it cant be that good if no one is going in for it


I purchased the razor about four months ago for myself and have used it and it still is not dull. I received mine with the shower gels....but am glad to see they changed the gift with purchase as they were a joke. I do agree it has the looks and feel of a disposable and by nature you just want to toss it away due to what we have been conditioned to do with our other disposables. However; everytime I go and shave my legs, they come out great and I am convinced the blades do not need sharpening.:cool:


Hi... I sent away for this Razor and am and was very disappointed. It is like shaving with a two week old razor. It pulls and drags and feels like cutting with a jack knife instead of a razor. Spead the word.. DO NOT BUY THIS RAZOR... IT'S A RIP OFF. For sure I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I wrote to the web site about it and never even got an answer..asked them if mine was an exception.
Drew Pitcher

  • The thickness and bevel required to cut wiskers comfortably
  • The friction and wear present in shaving (small, but repetitive and long duration)
  • The maximum possible physical molecular bond in metals or any other material

It is my opinion as a professional engineer that it would be impossible to produce an edge that provides comfortable shaves, daily, for the rest of your life (barring any interference from God and/or Chuck Norris). Any company making a claim like this is either lying or breaking fundamental laws of physics and chemistry. :001_tt2:

Daniel Gauthier
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