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FSOT Inexpensive straight razors - Boker-Torrey-Bartmann-Henckel

These are rescue razors and not anywhere near perfect aesthetically. They shave just fine, any rust or damage mitigated, and new scales on many. I found a stash of these I had put away where I would fix and use for test-honing. I would prefer to trade for stones/hone or old straights, but have prices to sell. $7 ships as many as you want in US. PayPal G&S per guidelines and any other rules that apply please. They all appear to have a proper edge, but I can freshen any up if someone needs it. If you buy and don’t like it, even after a shave, send it back and I’ll refund your money minus return trip. They are already used so go ahead and try! Again, these are not aesthetically perfect etc. and please don’t expect that from rescues. Please be aware. If you are interested in one or more, please PM for more photos as I am only taking one here.

1 - $30
customized gold dollar in red
Wyeths’s warranted cutlery in decorated scales

2 - $25
Red Injun 101
Henckels “Kami” broken heel ground
The Artist
William Elliot 208
JR Torrey Razor co
“Your Choice”

3 - $20
Garland company - Eagle Razor
Bartmann 86 - former cell rot repaired
H Boker - heel damage ground out
William Elliot 21
AJ Hardware (solingen)

4 - $15
Jackson “Our Favorite” - this one I give caution, you need to know how to hone a razor with poor geometry - this one is not perfect geometry and you need experience to hone
- 2nd one is a shorty no-name

5 - $10
Both had toe damage and were significantly shortened - great for tight spots shaving, but not pretty.
Round Back in black
Quaker Brand in mottled brown

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