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Indulgence of the Night Monday Jan 23 - Sunday Jan 29

Ahem, one round of the Glenlivet French Oak Reserve 15 Year followed by one round of the MACALLAN 12 Year.. Ah! :001_wub:

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I've been known to "indulge" every now and again. Last night was a bottle of Ch. Leoville-Las Cases,'82.
rtaylor61 said:
Hey, I'm a diabetic...what do you want? Macallans is not available in Utah!

What are the liquor laws like there in Utah? I would think the religious set there would highly regulate it, if not try to get rid of it completely!
You can buy beer just about anywhere, but all liquor stores are state owned. I can order Macallans, but not by the bottle, by the case!

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