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Indulgence of the night 9/12 - 9/18

Morning Gents,

Vision razor
Floris shave brush
Floris Elite shave soap
DR Harris Milk
Floris Elite EDT

Looks like Andrew over-indulged...drinking from the shaving cabinet instead of the liquor cabinet! :biggrin:

Nick said:
You mean there's another way to drink a Manhattan other than straight up??? :eek:

I jest, of course, not completely. I made the mistake ONCE of not specifying up to the kindly bar lady and couldn't believe the disaster in a cup that was handed to me.
Yup! When i want 'em to last for a while, I'll do them in a double rocks glass with three ice cubes.
Taking Ron's prescription tonight after my lousy day yesterday.

Double Shot Makers Mark Bourbon
Scant 3/4 shot Noilly Prat Sweet Vermouth
3 squirts Angostura bitters
Shaken over 8 fresh ice cubes
Poured into a pre-chilled martini glass over 3 long-stemmed :001_tt2: maraschino cherries

You're right - I do feel better!
This morning (Saturday) when I got home from working nights, I had two tequelia and orange juice's before the family got up and I went to bed.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday) I have set out a bottle of an Austrailian wine (I forget the name) but it's a Cabernet Shiraz. Looking forward to that.
Tonight I went to "Moonlight on the Mountain," a benefit dinner for one of the local open space projects here on Mount Diablo, so it was all the free wine and beer (Pyramid Hefe weizen I remember) I could shove down the old gullet. Now that I'm home, it's Manhattans with Jefferson's Reserve.

I was thinking of doing some work on the site tonight, but I think my productivity has been severely comrpomised!


Incredibly high quality Lung Ching Dragonwell. Fiendishly wonderful - embarasses any lowly "alcoholic" drink. When you "listen" to this tea and explore the flavors... simply uncanny.

I better stick with the booze though... cheaper :wink:
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guenron said:
Greetings Robofunk,
Better than Bass Pale???

my taste buds say yes! if you can find this stuff, grab it. from their website:
"Descriptors: Citrus, cedar, pine and candied-orange flavors, floral. A session I.P.A. brewed with Warrior, Amarillo and Mystery Hop X.
A powerful East Coast I.P.A. with a lot of citrusy hop character. THE session beer for beer geeks like us!" - it really is a wonderful "session" brew, if you want to keep on drinking. the flavors are magical.

i havent seen the 90 or 120 minute IPA's, but have heard they are delicious. i'm also in search of the raison d'etre. from their website:

"A deep mahogany ale brewed with beet sugar, green raisins, and Belgian yeast."
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