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Indulgence of the night 9/12 - 9/18

B-day, special occasion booze..... a pure ray of heaven in a glass. Middleton VERY rare.




rtaylor61 said:
Damn, Joel,

And here I sit...drinking cheap whiskey!


For what it is worth.... I got one HELL of a deal on that bottle - would have to have been a fool not to jump all over it. I much prefer quality over quantity.... for how often I have drank from that bottle - it should last 5+ years!

I have a tremendous amount of booze, and love the flavors, scents and varieties, but I am not a quantity drinker at all.... I RARELY drink more than an ounce of hard liquor in a day.
Finally got over to the Wright's and got my bitters.. So, Manhattans on the house! Ol' Granddad, Martini and Rossi Sweet Vermouth, my beloved Agnostura Bitters, and three-stemless maraschino cherries. (DON'T ASK!) :mad5:
Tonight is old fashion night, Ancient Age 10 Star with Peychaud's Bitters. Seems to go better with the fruit. Though Peychaud's Bitters works great with manhattans as well.

Do you know what region that Scapa is from? I can make out Orkney on the bottle, but my Scottish geography is a little rusty.

As for the IOTD, it'll be a bottle of Mississippi Mud, if that whets my appetite, I might move on to some Manhattans.

Aye, Johnny! Jump in the glass. JW Red Label, M&R Red Vermouth, Agnostura Bitters, 2 (ARGH! :mad: ) STEMLESS maraschino cherries, six fresh ice cubes in a double old rocks glass. Deluxe Philadelphia Roll Sushi and some Seaweed Salad.
Nick said:

Do you know what region that Scapa is from? I can make out Orkney on the bottle, but my Scottish geography is a little rusty.


Hey Nick. The Scapa Distillery is located in the Islands of Orkney north of Mainland Scotland (reading this from the box -- I ain't no scottish expert). It has a very intriguing history as a distillery, apparently it was some sort of safe haven for ships in WW1 and WW2.
I purchased some from a store on sutter st., just in front of the sutter/stockton garage near union square. They have a website:


The salesman recommended it, he was wearing a kilt and had a thick scottish burr, so who was I to question his knowledge of single malts! In a moment of weakness, I dished out $48.00 and bought the damn thing. I haven't been dissapointed. It has a wonderful smokey, lemony, honey flavor to it. Despite being produced in a region with heavy peat moss water, its not peaty (and I love the peat!) but its quite excellent overall. He recommended drinking it with just a drop or two of water to bring out the aroma. Its a neat place to visit to get some whisky knowledge, if you are ever downtown.


Thanks for the report. It definitely looks nice, and I too am not a 'burning tire' peat fan, which is why I was interested in the region. I'm not in the city often, but next time I am, I know one place I'll have to swing by.

Thanks much,

guenron said:
Argh they are Soooo good!
No wonder the indigenous populants sold Manhattan Island for shells and beads! Those clever Dutch must have given them Manhattans Straight Up :a54: !

You mean there's another way to drink a Manhattan other than straight up??? :eek:

I jest, of course, not completely. I made the mistake ONCE of not specifying up to the kindly bar lady and couldn't believe the disaster in a cup that was handed to me.
It is getting closer to that tourist-ridden drunken extravaganza that is Octoberfest. Tonight it was Sam Adams Octoberfest at the bar after 18 holes of golf. Not a true festbier, but easy going down. I'll have to hit the local store to see what is in stock - Paulaner, Spaten, ....
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