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India - Haircut & Shave

A barber shave is definitely one of life's luxuries when done right! :)

That said, the worst SR shave I've ever had cost me $30.00 at a high end hipster barber shop in NY. The lather came out of a machine and had the lubricating properties of ground coffee. It felt like I was being dry shaved. Even so, it was still a surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable experience despite the scratching/scraping.

My advice would be to get a recommendation of a specific barber who does good shaves, not just a barber shop. Be aware also, that many states don't allow brushes or non-disposable SR blades to be used for hygiene reasons.

If I can find someone around here that knows what they're doing, I'd would absolutely do it again.
Great post & pic, thank you for posting! I love the idea of a traditional SR shave by a street vendor. It's making the pleasure accessible to many.
After I came home from registering to vote, and for the draft, on my 18th birthday (31 Dec 1969) my dad treated me to a haircut and straight razor shave at our local barber. That night at Old Spice aftershave. I still fondly remember that
I would.......we only live once.

to be in india........get a shave and buzz.

then go find a hole in the wall or street vendor to get some good local food!!

I’m with you. It would be a heck of an experience, I’d love it.

As for buddy - it was a cut and a shave, next. Lol. Man...


George Bailey Fanboy
Man.... I love the idea but I probably wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Everythin in that pic looks kinda... grungy.
Probably be fine as long as you just shave with the water and drink only stuff that you personally twisted the top off of!
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