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Independence Day Contest!

Today is my first day off in several days. I spent a few hours this morning repairing the older, absentee neighbor's drive way using nothing but shovels and a wheeled trash can. I moved over 500 gallons of dirt by hand. I'm dirty, tired, and my back hurts. The Captain just made my day. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I just have to figure out what I want.

Thanks Captain!
Random.org has selected our three winners. They are:


Congratulations to our winners!

If you were selected you now have $50.00 to spend in our store. Simply PM me with two bits of info:

1. What you have selected.
2. Your mailing address.

~ The Captain

Wow, after a tough work week, this really made my day. What a nice way to wrap up the week.

Congrats to the other winners, too!

Thanks, Captain!!!
The Post Office in Philadelphia has no American flag and no zip code. It is older than the country itself. One of the Founding Fathers started the country and was Postmaster General in 1775. B. Free Franklin. History more history even more history. historical URL

Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776 INDEPENDENCE DAY! Birth of our country by the Founding Fathers and Continental Congress. Celebrated by picnics, family get togethers, concerts, fireworks, parades and baseball games it is important to have at heart a love for the country of the United States itself.



Star Spangled Banner


100th birthday of the statue of liberty, July 4th 1986


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