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Incredible shave

In what was almost certainly an act of revenge for my recent purchase of a few (too many) shaving brushes, Mrs. chamm has told me that she really likes it when I grow out some stubble. Keep in mind this is the same woman who has, in the past, professed utter contempt for any hint of facial hair. But now I get some new toys and suddenly my stubble is sexy. I'm not going to complain too much, because if it takes a few hundred dollars worth of shaving supplies for her to find anything about me sexy, then it was money well spent.

Anyhow, after a week of torture looking longingly at that gorgeous new M&F two-band, I managed to convince her that I was suffering from a condition known as itchyface. It was no joke, I was about to go insane because all of the hair on my face grew out about 1/8 of an inch, then did an immediate about-face and started growing right back into my chin and neck.

Yesterday, I prepped my beard and lathered up. Perfect MWF lather. Popped a new Persona blade into my 2013 Mühle R41 and went to town. Now, it's possible I had been hit in the head earlier in the day and didn't remember it, but for some reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to just see what happened if I went ATG on the first pass. I had exactly a week's growth, about 3/8", so it wasn't really stubble any more. The noise the blade made as I dragged the razor across my face was troubling, to say the least. It sounded a lot like ripping fabric, except it was my face. However, I didn't get any tugging, blood gushing or blinding pain, so I kept going.

Boy howdy! I'm not exaggerating when I say, it was a first pass BBS! There were a couple stray hairs that managed to escape the wrath of my blade, but by and large, my whole face just felt like a baby's backside! I cleaned up the stray hairs, touched up a little on my jawline, and I was done! No irritation, very little stinging by the alum block. All day, it was just the most intense smoothness I've ever had in a shave.

So is this experience common? I guess is makes sense that a few days growth will help the hairs to stand up better to be mowed down, but there was a time not all that long ago when I thought a BBS shave would be impossible for my mutant beard, let alone a first pass BBS.

Now, I guess I just need to keep buying stuff so Mrs. chamm will insist I grow it out again...
I shave every 2-3 days (3 is kind of rare, actually) and I only go ATG. I've gone through months of trying all permutations of WTG, XTG, ATG etc, but for me, it just adds irritation with each pass. Also, I get a closer shave if I skip straight to ATG, and then touch up.
Well, I went ATG this morning with no stubble, and it was terrible. I can't figure out if it was because it was the third shave on the blade, which was causing me to use too much pressure, or if ATG first pass is just a bad idea for me, or if my face is just worn out from three days in a row of very aggressive shaving. I'll try a new blade tomorrow and see what happens.
My guess is its because it was too soon. I need a couple days for my skin to recover. Also, I use cool water instead of hot which minimizes irritation. And balm. Plenty of balm.
There's a really good chance it has to do with timing, however, my beard grows so fast, I need to shave every day. I put quite a bit of balm on post-shave, and I've tried pre-shave oils with indeterminate success. I'm going to attempt the 2014 sabbatical, so if there's any other products I should try, I need to buy them soon. :)
Well it might be the dullness of the blade, but even if its not, you owe it to yourself to get another couple hundred blades, just in case.
This is for science, when you think about it. Quite generous of you to do all this research. I'm working on getting government funding to compare GFT and T&H aftershaves!
It seems like the longer I go without a shave, the better they are. That said I usually shave every day or every other day.
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