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Inconsistant Journaler

I've been learning to wet shave for around 6 weeks. I'm 57 and have used cartridges and electric trimmers most of my life. I've been wanting to learn how to Shave "Manly", so got some straights and safety razors and long story short. I enjoy the hell out of wet shaving and how my face looks and feels afterwards. I most especially enjoy the straight razor shaves. I feel like I need to be more careful with a straight, but I've had blood from a straight, only once and that was with a shavette straight. It was a nice gash caused by my hand twitching due to my MS. . Ouch. tried to regroup and twitched in the same place, same cut. Gave it up for the day. Tried again later. 6 weeks later, I've been avoiding the twitch and have gotten pretty good at a 2 pass shave with a straight. Last week, even did a 3 pass shave. No irritation. This week, I had some issues with going up the neck in the center so decided to stop at 2 passes. I'd rather have a good DFS, than a scary, dangerous BBS. I used my vintage Pearl Dry Straight, Made in Germany for Schmidt & Company, St. Louis MO. and ARKO shave stick. I noticed that my ARKO dries out quicker than my La Toja. I hope the pictures come through.

Until Next Straight Razor Sunday,

IMG_20200510_204041.jpg View attachment IMG_20200510_202219.jpg View attachment IMG_20200510_204446.jpg View attachment IMG_20200510_204454.jpg View attachment IMG_20200510_204502.jpg

Straight razor Sunday was going along nicely until my left hand twitched and drew blood. I switched hands and finished the first pass with my right hand. Kind of Difficult but not impossible. I finished my shave with my '53 Tech. I know that when my hand decides to twitch, it's time to change action because it will do it again in the same spot. I think that I will use some of my more forgiving straights until my left hand learns to not cut me. lol.

I used a synthetic brush and Williams mug soap. I loaded the brush and bowl lathered. It seemed to produce abundant, yet light lather. Maybe Williams requires natural hair? Next week I'll try Proraso shave creme in the bowl.

Until Next week,