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In Your Dreams, Stubble Boy! (a short film)

great video by no scruf! however, the next guy deserved to cut himself. technique,lather,equipment, all added up to cheap and bad, so he got what he paid for IMO.

Amazing posts ...much fun.. The woman !

I shave my armpits aswell its just GROSS when even a guy wears a small T-Shirt
and out come on the side his Armpitt hair I have seen it and DIDNT like the view . MY armpit hair is ok...

I shave everybit of my hair on my body except.. Legs /Arms and Eye brows..so you guys can imagine the rest I wont go into details ! :eek:

The second movie offcourse was rigged the angle of the blood dripping did not match the angle when you would cut yourself.

By the way HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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