In which Tankerjohn plays pen doctor and has no idea what he’s doing

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by tankerjohn, Feb 6, 2019.

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    After seeing the pic, I am tempted to get one, too.
  2. considered using some evaporust on it? others may be able to say if it could have negative affects on the celuloid or other non metal parts, but it works a champ on rust.
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. REV579

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    Are you comfortable pulling the J-bar out? Hemostats work best. You could assess the bar and treat it as needed then.
  5. nemo

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    If the J-bar is operating correctly then just leave it in place. A little surface rust is fine, just about every lever-filler that has been used is like that. If it's corroded to the point where it's crumbling or has little spring pressure left then pull it.

    Keep in mind that the modern replacement J-bars do not fully replicate the original and may require some modifications to get the lever to stay tight and not rattle.
  6. Thanks guys. No, I’d prefer to not replace the J bar. If it won’t fill after resaccing, then maybe I’ll look at that. And actually, it would probably be easier just to syringe-fill it if the J-bar doesn’t work. But if felt plenty springy, so I think I’ll be alright.
  7. Surgery #2

    The new #16 sac has arrived! The patient is prepped for the next procedure.


    So from what I read, we're shooting for the sac to extend no further than the bottom of the lever. Its trickier than I thought to get a straight, level cut. It took me a couple tries. I probably lost a ink capacity in the process, but oh well.


    Next comes the shellac. Shellac up that nipple! Careful not to get any on the section. Then just slide on the sac. That went a little easier than I anticipated (about time something did). Make sure the sac is straight and not shooting off at a weird angle, and voila! - we're done.

    Pretty easy! This part only took a couple minutes. Now I'll let the patient recover over night to let that shellac get good and dry. Then I'll give him some water to drink and see how he holds it down.


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  8. Jut


    Looks like you did an a ok job

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    The first one is always the one that challenges you and makes you most proud. Was it fun fitting the bladder on the section?
  10. That's where I was about to go...
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    I’ve been rocking this one today
  12. Nice! Did you restore it yourself?
  13. REV579

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    I re-sac'd it and replaced the J-bar from a donor.
  14. Awesome!
  15. Jut


    It is even more rewarding when you fix up a snorkel.

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    I don't doubt it. I must stop with the Esties otherwise it would lead to snorkels, eye-droppers, carts, and utter pandemonium.
    It's also why I didn't venture into the British Gillette razors.
  17. Yeah, I’m not ready for snorkels or Vacumatics or fancy fillers. I think I’ll stick with Esties for now. Unless I find a Waterman for the right deal.
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    One Waterman will lead to half-a-dozen.

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