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In which Endcycle learns a valuable lesson.

(alternate title: Overconfidence results in a bloodbath)

Elements of the story:
1: Endcycle
2: Sandalwood Art of Shaving cream
3: Hot towel prep
4: (1) Gem Micromatic (open comb) with Ted Pella blade

I've never used the micromatic before, but I got the pella blades so I was psyched to give it a shot.

(missed warning sign - my daughter asked me if I planned to slice off all or just some of my face with the Gem)

I lathered up after my normal prep, and went at it slowly and with the correct angle, no pressure at all. First pass was tough - the head of the razor drags against the skin a bit, so it was slow going. I was a bit sore after pass 1 - checking the beard, I found minimal reduction. "What the heck", I thought, "let's try ATG".

Fast forward 5 minutes.

My girlfriend comes into the bathroom and her jaw drops. I'm a bloody disaster. I mean, I've never cut myself like this - the worst I've ever had was a few weepers, a nick or 2, whatever. I'm bleeding from at least 10 different places - all nicks. No slices, thankfully, but OW.

I threw on some gentle AS and used a styptic, but man. I'm a mess.

I put the gem into a box and hid it way back in my cabinet. I'm not touching it again for a long time.



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So are you saying one should not go ATG with a GEM?:eek:(thankfully no pictures were included!):wink:

(alternate title: Overconfidence results in a bloodbath)
I put the gem into a box and hid it way back in my cabinet. I'm not touching it again for a long time.

Thanks for the warning. I'll be verrrry careful when my Ted Pellas arrive. I hope that there's some consolation that your bad experience may prevent others from taking untoward risks.

Hope you're doing better. Keep after your face with the Witch Hazel! :frown:
thanks soapbox. i'm feeling a lot better now. i've been combatting the blood loss by drinking beers. :)

My face is much better now - thankfully. I was scared I really screwed myself up. I've never, EVER done that much damage to my face, even when I was learning how to shave.

Sticking with my superspeed for now, maybe I'll try the tech too. That's as crazy as I'm getting. :)
Never used the Pella's,but I get great shaves with Blue Star blades in my Micromatic,Damaskeene and 1912 Junior.:confused: The only problem I have is blade longevity.Two shaves and bin em! The Micromatic is scary at first but it's not the demon face carver that it's been made out to be.I'm still finding it hard to believe that anyone can punish their face to the extent that you have using a Gem of any kind.:rolleyes:
OMG black adder thank you so much. I have a new favorite webcomic. :) added it to my RSS feed.

More exploits? I think my face needs a break. I gave it a nice, comfy proraso+derby-in-a-superspeed+prorasoAS just now, and I feel much better.