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In what order?

Quick question to all of my B&B brothers & sisters...I have Coral skin food & recently purchased from Charles (QED) Proraso A/S splash & the Liquid Cream, could someone tell me the proper order they would use these products please. Also has anyone tried Thayers Extra Strengh After Shave Witch Hazel from Classic Shaving?


Well the skin food and Proraso liquid cream kinda do the same thing... provide moisture after the shave so I would recommend you use either or... however, if I were to attempt to use both, I would use skin food and then Proraso.

I don't use the splash after shaves so I won't offer any advice on that one.
Not sure you need all of those at one shot. CSF has some sealing properties (there is some kind of gum in it), so many gents use that at the end. Thayers is nice stuff - soothing and slightly moisturizing. You could use that instead of the Proraso splash if you wished.

Experiment and you'll find the best combo.
Yeah, the cream and splash are both aftershave products, kinda like a "balm (cream) or splash". The CSF is also intended as an aftershave, yet I and others actually use it as a "between" pass balm. In other words, I shower with proraso pre-shave on, rinse, apply CSF, apply lather, first pass, rinse, CSF then lather, second pass, rinse, CSF then lather, third pass, rinse, CSF then lather, fourth and final pass. Rinse with hot, then rinse with cold. Then I use my alum block with cold water as well. I let the alum dry a bit on my face while I'm cleaning up my razor, bowl, brush, etc... Then any remaining moisture on my face I gently towel off, then apply the aftershave of my choice... Sometimes I use a balm, sometimes a splash, or sometimes just a bit more of the CSF.
What I do is use the Thayer’s Extra Strength (daily) first by applying it with cotton pad. It can sting but I like that feeling.

Afterwards I apply EITHER the Proraso Splash or Liquid Cream Balm (depending on what I feel Like). The Splash and the Liquid cream do the same thing so no need for both. The Balm however has less of a sting, actually no sting at all.

Finally I apply the coral/limes skin food and I'm done. Most days I don't even need a moisturizer.
As suggested above, I use products such as pre/post and CSF as the last step - one of these products is generally enough.

I use the Proraso splash or Thayers after my alum block and before a balm-type product/moisturizer.

You can't go wrong with either the Proraso or Thayers - both are great, but the Thayers does sting a little more. I also often use the Thayers at night on a cotton pad to cleanse/tone.
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