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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Badgerstate36, Jan 21, 2018.

    After being disappointed with the thin lather that my Classic Samurai brush had been making, I decided to pick up a Semogue Owners Club in boar. At $24, it seemed like a pretty good deal and I love the cherry wood handle.
    I had my first shave with it tonight and was very impressed with the lather that it build and how soft it feels, even right out of the box. Its certainly less scrubby than some of the Omega boars Ive had and if it softens up like most boars do, it should be a wonderful brush in a month or so.
    I really wanted to like the Classic Samurai, as it was kind of a cool combination with my Feather Artist Club razor but it just didnt build very good lather.
  1. Your SOC is going to bloom and get softer as the hair ends split. It is going to become one of your favorite brushes just like mine has become one of mine. Reknot your Classic Samurai brush with a Tuxedo Synthetic knot because it has the backbone and lathering ability of a good Boar, and the softness of a premium Badger. I preferred Boars for years but the newer Synthetics have slowly found a home in my den, and they are inexpensive.


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  2. I love all my Semogue Owners Club below ;)

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And you must try the Semogue 2000, you'll love this brush and you won't be sorry :thumbsup:

  3. pk_


    I have an SOC coming in the mail tomorrow. I can’t wait to join the club!

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  4. Great brush! Give it awhile to break in and you will be VERY happy!
  5. I have 2xSOC boar brushes, one in ash, one in cherry.

    Although I got both brushes at the same time and gave them similar break-ins,
    they have developed unique personalities.
    The ash is nice and soft but too floppy.
    The cherry is too scritchy but has perfect backbone.

    Great brushes, but too big for my liking.
    I don't use them anymore except once or twice a year,
    whenever threads like this pop up and I need to refresh my memory about SOC performance.

    My next boar brush is going to be a pair of Semogue 610s, I think.
  6. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    I have the boar SOC from a generous PIF. Best boar I've ever used
  7. I decided to pick up another SOC in 2 band badger. At $64, I figured, why not.
  8. I think my SOC is the best boar Ive ever used. Ive had a few Omega boars, both natural and synthetic and a few vintage German made boars and the SOC beats them all.
    Its got the scrubbiness and backbone of a boar that I love but the tips seem pretty soft. Its only going to get softer too as the brush breaks in and the tips split.
  9. This is a nice brush, but not much like the boar. It's much smaller with considerably more backbone. Nice tips. I suppose a lot of people would prefer it for face lathering.
  10. I used it this afternoon when I trimmed my beard (I trim my beard with a pair of clippers but I use soap and a brush to trap the hairs, so they dont get all over the sink) and it worked well.
    I agree that its a nice brush but very different. The knot is already blooming nicely though. I figure I'll use the boar with hard soaps and the badger with creams.
  11. The badger works well with hard soaps too. They're both wonderful for face lathering.

    The boar takes a very long time to break in. It's a gradual process but you are constantly rewarded with a brush that's just a bit softer than the last time you used it.
  12. Curious tho, my SOC or Sem2000 doesn’t seem to keep the lather usable for the 3rd pass. Unlike the Proraso and omega which keeps the lather on the bristles while I’m shaving, the lather on the semogues disappears, probably into the brush...

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  13. I'll be honest, I mostly bought them both for the cherry wood handles. I love cherry trees and cherry blossoms, so I couldnt help myself.
  14. You got it, Semogue's are lather hogs. Just gotta squeeze it out of them for that last pass sometimes. Awesome brushes regardless.


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  15. Congrats on a fine brush! The SOC boar is my favorite brush bar none. :thumbup1:
  16. pk_


    Badger came in the mail today! The boar is on my list, but this is my first badger brush. IMG_0247.jpg
  17. Ahh .. that explains it .. bit soft/floppy compared to the Omega as well.. but yes , nice brush nonetheless !

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  18. Semogue makes good ones. Each of these has a different personality. No two brushes are alike. ;)

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  19. I have the SOC in ash. It’s a fine brush and it’s broken in nicely - but this was the brush that made me realise that I prefer smaller knots, so it doesn’t get a lot of use these days. However, this thread has prompted me to get it out of the cupboard for another spin, so maybe I’ll fall in love with it second time around.

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