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In Praise of the Merkur Progress...

Decided to experiment with the Progress today!

On Tuesday I used it for a 48-hour beard, loaded with a new Personna Lab Blue blade. Great shave. So, on an impulse, I moved the Progress into the rotation again -- but this time, instead of setting it at 3 - 2 - 1 for my passes, I opened it up to 4 -3 -2! I kept all the other variables the same, i.e., shower, same blade (though now with 1 shave on it), same Stirling soap, same 3 minutes' wait after applying the lather. And . . .

. . . the Progress brought me even closer to BBS than usual. No irritation. I'm aware that I have shaved, yes, but in a "Man, I feel clean!" way. Setting 4 really mowed down the growth, and the other 2 settings finished the job. Even setting 3 on the lower lip, my weak spot for nicks, caused no trouble at all.

Perhaps my technique has advanced; maybe it's the razor. But I can't help but be impressed.
I, too, recently tried a more aggressive approach (4-3-3 in my case) with the Progress and I'm getting really great shaves with this tool.
I like mine a lot, but it's slippery as hell for me. I wrap a rubber band around the handle. It's been great for me as a new guy so you can learn your aggression needs very quickly. I'd also get the long handle if I were doing it again, but I still love it.
I was going to enthuse about my results with setting the Progress up to 4, 3, 2 -- but I see I did exactly that 12 days ago. Today's shave was just the same. Applause for the Merkur engineers and for the Personna people's Lab Blue blade.
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