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In praise of the Merkur 38C

Hello all, I just wanted to share what a great experience Im having with my 38C. I tend to prefer razors with bigger, longer handles and after my ATT R1 was such a bust, I saw how cheap the 38Cs are, so I figured why not.
Ive had a couple Merkur razors in the past, I started out with a 23C, then went to a 1908, then tried a 34C, then I went the Muhle R89/R41 route, then tried some vintage Gillettes and ended up with an ATT R1.
I was never a big Merkur fan because it seemed like you always had to align the blades and with my 34C, when it arrived the bottom plate was crooked, so I returned it.
This 38C is awesome though. Its flawless, the blades thus far have it perfectly and it gives me great, irritation free shaves with little to no nicks/cuts and gives me BBS shaves with 4 passes. I love the weight of it, the length of the handle and the way the handle looks.
Im actually considering picking up another one to keep around as a spare, just incase this one ever breaks.
Glad you are enjoying it. I had a 34C and didn't have any alignment issues and loved it. I still plan on getting another one day (passed it along and miss it). I looked at the 38C for my wife, but ended up with a Super Adjustable. Hope you get a lot of service from your new razor.

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I have heard rumors around the web that Merkur may have retooled last year. If that is true they must be doing well. Don at techichi shave sells spare top and bottom plates for Merkur's...it's a bit cheaper. I keep spare plates for all of my Merkur's.

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or here same guy: Spare Part Merkur 2 Piece Top Plate Long Screw | eBay
I wonder if that would explain the 34C I had with a crooked base plate. Ive owned 4 Merkurs and its the only one that Id really say had a defect. The quality of my 38C is top notch. The chrome might not be a shiny as a Muhle but its pretty close. I used to feel that Muhle's quality was superior to Merkurs, Im not so sure anymore.

Time for the 39c then . . .
Yeah...Im not ready for a slant.
The other day I threw a Derby blade in the 38C because I have a few 10 packs laying around and want to use them up. Im normally not a big Derby fan but even with a Derby, this razor gives very good shaves.
The 38c was the first razor I bought. Found it awkward at first, then went to an EJ Kelvin, then on to quite a few vintage razors and now I've back to the 38c. It is awesome.

I wish they still made the 12c which is the same handle but an open comb.

I believe there will be a 39c in my future. Just need to sell a few razors to fund it I guess (buying freeze).
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