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In Praise of Rousage Poulin

I ordered for the first time from Scott at Rousage Poulin. I must say, it was a pleasurable experience. They were fast, friendly, and efficient. I not only received my product, but a couple of free samples as well as a THANK YOU letter. I am serious. A thank you letter? That's practically unheard of in today's retail world.

I am so excited about the shaving soap I ordered. The Dr. Harris Arlington is indeed worthy of the praise it receives. I shaved with it this evening, taking four luxurious passes with a used blade in one of my favorite razors. The soap was smooth, creamy, easily worked to a lather, and the scent is wonderful. I highly recommend it, despite the cost.

Oh, and I certainly give two thumbs up to Scott as well for a fine business. :001_smile

I agree D R Harris Arlington is truly all what it is cracked up to be.
Generally the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for right? And one wont be short changed on Arlington. :001_smile

B&B is a great barometer as far as general consensus goes I find on product & the fine vendors listed here. Its never far off the mark.

As fars as all the various products go. all one has to do is see that B&B has its hand on the pulse of D R Harris Arlington.
Its great to see Scott is carrying the full range of D R Harris products too.
See the reviews if you are interested in this one, and you get a pretty accurate assesment of a truly great product & what it will bring to the table.

Yes, one could even shell out the 20 bucks blind & chances are it wont turn up listed in the B/S/T. Its that good :thumbup:
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I just ordered a whole lot of things from Scott, as well. He was great. Fast service, too. Glad to finally have a full stock of Speick in Canada! Also grabbed some Tabac AS to try.
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