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In Honor Of My Departed Love

Thank you for sharing this story. There are "stories" and then there are stories... This is definitely the latter. Its not hard to see the raw and true emotions that were put into this. You are in my thoughts, Jeff.

Godspeed Abigail.

Ad Astra

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Words fail me ... But they didn't fail you in this dark hour.

Condolences and helping hands are here, whenever you need.

I first read this moving, deeply sad, yet beautifully written post three and half hours ago. I couldn't come up with an adequate response then and I still can't. Neither can I give you much comfort. I've known a love like it but can't tell you that it ended happily because it didn't. But I can say that my memories of that shared, magical bond between two separate entities, once bittersweet, are now amongst my warmest. I'm sorry for your loss.

Chan Eil Whiskers

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I have no ability to share your pain but I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss.

You were a great gift to her and she to you.

What you said about the benefits of continuing a routine, generally enjoyable or satisfying, when it's very hard to do should be helpful to many of us as we go along.

Very hard to read, and I'm sure much harder to write, yours is still a beautiful and moving story.

Happy shaves,


Thank you for taking the time to tell us a little bit about her and to share the pain that you're going through.

I know it's not easy for you right now, but in time, there will come a day that you think about her and a smile will come to your face before a tear. Until then, know that you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Take care of yourself, let yourself grieve and surround yourself with friends and family as you feel up to it.

Thank you, David. I truly appreciate it. I've been in contact with her daughter and she has helped a bit.


Words are truly inadequate for this yet, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Buy yourself something nice, it just might make you feel a little better and give you a much needed distraction.
You know, first thing that comes to mind is some soap . . . but I absolutely do not need any. What I do need is my Denise, but the angels get her now, I'll have to wait my turn.
Geez, I am so very overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. Truly. I understand as humans we all have shared experiences that transcend any human-imposed categories or barriers, but we don't always express them for one reason or another. That this community is so warm and supportive of a complete stranger is beyond my mere ability for words.

I want to thank each of you, and have tried. But please, please accept my most sincere, heartfelt gratitude for your thoughts and prayers. These are tears of wonderment, not sadness.

And most touching indeed . . . Godspeed Abigail. 😢😘
I am touched by what you wrote. As I have gotten older its the one thing I have hated: those that are friends or aquintances start to pass one by one. The on comfort I take is that knowing that I have to live my life to the best of my abilities, if not for myself, for those that went on without me to the other side. They would want it.
Thanks for sharing and take comfort in knowing that she is at peace now and that she is watching.
I do try to remember that she is no longer suffering, no more pain, no depression, no more medications to make her sleep all the time. Peace can be the only true result of her passage. I hope she is watching over me, and if she's watching me type . . . I love you, Bella, and I shall forever miss you.
I am sorry for your loss. May her memory always be a blessing.

I suffered with my wife through an 18 month terminal illness ending with her death in April 2017. We had begin together for almost 37 of my then 59 years. Losing my partner and love also meant losing my future or at least the future that we had dreamed of and planned for.

During her illness and after her death, my daily shave became one of the small yet constant breaks from the sadness of the illness and the emptiness of my life without Sue.

It is almost 34 months since I became a widower and I can say that the loss and the grieving process is the worst thing I have encountered in my now more than 62 years.

I can also say that I have found hope and enjoy a fair amount of happiness in my life. Not a day has gone by where I don’t think of Sue, but in an accepting and peaceful way focusing on the good and not the illness and death. Not all days are good, but there are significantly more good days than bad days.

I hope you can find comfort in any of the little or big things in your life, including your shaving ritual. There is no magic elixir but we have a surprising amount of resilience that somehow appears when we need it most.

@DEPenguin , May Bella’s memory always fill your heart with joyful memories.
May Bella’s memory always fill your heart with joyful memories.
Oh, it does, I assure you. Like you I can't help but grieve for a potentially beautiful future that won't come now, but on the upside she doesn't have to face a possible future of endless pills and constant questions about her lifespan. All I can do is pray to find her on the other side when my turn comes.
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