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In a way have most modern razor companies taken a step back?

I notice almost all the new razor companies have gone to a design
from the original Gillette 3 pin baseplate design and not Gillettes new
design with bars and slots. Was Gillettes New design not an improvement?
I don't have a view from an engineering perspective, but from a marketing perspective, Gillette was looking at millions of potential customers, whereas most modern razor manufacturers would be hoping for thousands. That differential has an impact on design and manufacturing decisions and costs.
There's modern razors that use bars & slots instead of round posts, if you look around. Just off the top of my head (and cause I own both) RazoRock's Lupo line and the Tradere razors (both the originals and the newer ones made my Blackland).
From my understanding the main reason for the pin to slot design change was because the original patent expired and this would keep ahead of competition with a new patent on a new design with new style blades. There were other changes to the geometry that were improved on which are still used today.
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