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Impressed with Silksmoke knot


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
I've been very impressed with what was an impulse buy...a Silksmoke knot brush from AP Shave Co off of Etsy.com. The brush is a bit softer than a tuxedo knot, it splays easily, but it still has sufficient backbone. It's the only one I have with that knot and I decided this evening to purchase a couple more. I bought the knots from AP Shave Co, but purchased handles from Shave Forge off of eBay. Came to approximately $22 a brush...very inexpensive for a brush that performs so well.
I believe you may have summoned a particular friendly bird who's local time is about 3:30am. He has a review under the 28mm on AP if I remember correctly. Looking forward to pictures!


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@APBinNCA is right. With a lowish set loft, the AP ShaveCo Silksmoke brush I have works better for me for face lathering than the 1st gen Ω ΞVO brush I bought with similar width and height protruding from its handle. The Silksmoke is similarly soft, but noticeably denser and with more backbone.

It can be splayed, but builds a righteous lather by painting with a skosh of vigor.


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Handles came today. Super fast shipping! I was surprised at how quickly they arrived.


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