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IMPORTANT: Contest Has Been Called Off

Ooh, if we could just see your face right now! :biggrin:

But seriously, the mods would like to thank everyone who helped make this contest an overwhelming success, from the members who contribute here to the vendors who generously donated their products and time. (And I'd also like to thank the mods for all of their hard work in getting this contest off the ground.)

Within the next few days, if you're a lucky winner, you'll be receiving a PM from the moderator handling the prize you've won, and he'll take it from there. If you didn't win, there's always next time.

Acquisition and review posts are encouraged, but not required. :wink:

And now, on to what you've all been waiting for (drum roll) the results!!!

The winners are:

SR 3226 Silvertip - scotrace
Gents LLC package 1 - ameetmedi
Gents LLC package 2 - gundog
Gents LLC package 3 - mactrack
Shavemac Set - moses
Nashville Knife Shop Prize - Christoph
Green Pond Cream 1 - CraigK
Green Pond Cream 2 - apathos
Green Pond Cream 3 - Creslin
Green Pond Cream 4 - bladerunner
Green Pond Cream 5 - rooktakes
Green Pond Cream 6 - Kyle Stoner
Green Pond Cream 7 - J_P_K
Green Pond Cream 8 - ravkesef
Honeybee Soap set - Bgog
Mens Essentials T&H Set 1 - rossination
Mens Essentials T&H Set 2 - PalmettoB
Mens Essentials T&H Set 3 - TstebinsB
Mens Essentials T&H Set 4 - highre
Baxter Set 1 - ForestryProf
Baxter Set 2 - Magruder
Baxter Set 3 - tryphon
Baxter Set 4 - kenxxxxxx
Baxter Set 5 - castlecraver
Baxter Set 6 - Iwan
Baxter Set 7 - sanglant
Bonnyman Scuttle - pellicle
SCS Set - slcsteve
Lee's Duke - MasonM
Lee's Merkur HD 1 - Bartelby
Lee's Merkur HD 2 - Keith5698
Mama Bear's Soap 1 - Hitmeandilltellu
Mama Bear's Soap 2 - Mer
Mama Bear's Soap 3 - scarface
Mama Bear's Soap 4 - Guenron
Mama Bear's Soap 5 - Cliff
Mama Bear's Soap 6 - cblablock
MaleFace Travel Kit - Mr.Benn
MaleFace Shave/Bump 1 - g8orshavr
MaleFace Shave/Bump 2 - BroJohn
MaleFace Shave/Bump 3 - Cutthroat
MaleFace Shave/Bump 4 - Quagmire
MaleFace Shave/Bump 5 - Argus
TESC Chatsworth DE - Mike02
TESC Richmond Mach 3 - Pilfer
TESC Diffusion Set - tinmantt
Appearances Granular Scrub - Capt. Pat
Appearances Cleanse n' Shave - srk1103
Appearances Daily Defense - kennethw
Superior Brushes Brush - gglockner
LetterK Sampler Pack - Sam
Scotto Sampler Pack - madmedic
B&B DVD - khari
Rik's B&B Cologne 1 - Harkonnendogg
Rik's B&B Cologne 2 - Justso
Rik's B&B Cologne 3 - tam.audio
Rik's B&B Cologne 4 - rafikz
Rik's B&B Cologne 5 - Johnnybc
Ristretto Prize 1 - jnich67
Ristretto Prize 2 - webguru24
Ristretto Prize 3 - JMT
Ristretto Prize 4 - Suzuki
Ristretto Prize 5 - BBRex
C&E Cream 1 - Tito
C&E Cream - htownmmm
C&E Cream - Agent86
C&E Cream - xChris
C&E Cream - woodbane
C&E Cream - billyjeff2
C&E Cream - fatt_tony
C&E Cream - gimpy
C&E Cream - OldSaw
C&E Cream - Skyguy
C&E Cream - yomuppet
C&E Cream - chefchris
C&E Cream - catatonic
C&E Cream - jimmyg_32
C&E Cream - Tinzien
C&E Cream - Ironman
C&E Cream - Stauff
C&E Cream - acb13013
C&E Cream - av80r234
C&E Cream - jmhAZ

-The Mods
Congrats to all the lucky winners:thumbup: :thumbup: and a big thanks to the mods and vendors, keep up that great work:thumbup1:


:a50: :jump:

Congrats to everyone who picked something up, and I bet there will be some great deals goin down in the Mall soon...

What a wonderful community! Thank you all :biggrin:
TomH said:
Congrats to all the lucky winners:thumbup: :thumbup: and a big thanks to the mods and vendors, keep up that great work:thumbup1:


Ditto. We really have to take our hats off to the mods and vendors for putting this together.
While I haven't won anything, I don't really consider this as a loss in the contest. It's not as if we had to do something for it anyway! :wink:

Congrats to those who won and certainly to the mods to organize such a contest. Lest not forget the people who actually make the products and made them available for this contest as well!
Congrats to all the winners and thanks to the vendors and Mods for giving us a fun time of wishful wondering.

Very nice!
ouch said:
And I don't want to see any of these items in the selling forum.:nono: :a2:


Not on this board anyway!! :lol:

Seriously though, I'm enormously grateful for my prize and I have every intention of using it!
Wow, thanks. I totally didn't expect to win anything. Congrats to the other winners as well and a huge thanks to the mods and vendors who made this possible.
Well I'll be... I can't believe I won something.
Congrats to everyone. I expect to see some good reviews of all these great products that you have won.
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