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Imperfect Item Blowout

I have a number of "imperfect" soaps that I am selling for a significant discount on my site

Imperfect soaps will still perform and smell just like "perfect" ones, but they might have a dark spot where the fragrance wasn't mixed in just right, or be scooped a bit messy, or have a slightly bubbly label. Most people can't tell the difference between my perfect and imperfect products, but I don't feel right selling a product with a flaw for full price - even if it doesn't affect anything.

Get Chiseled Face bath soaps for as low as $4, and shaving soaps as low as $10.



George Bailey Fanboy
Midnight Stag....anything that smells like leather, gasoline and gunpowder has got to smell good!
It depends. People tend to be divided on that - some say it's the best scent in the world, some say they needed to remove their skin with a blowtorch to get rid of the stench...

Not too many people are neutral.