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I'm thinking of adding a Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip to my collection...

Which one is a better keep?

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... but to answer your question: The 70s SS is very mild. Very mild. I would say if you have a very light beard growth, or are very new to shaving, it may be a good choice.

I like the 60s SS better, and the "40s style" better yet.
You should go with the 1690's version. We want pics, of course.:001_tt2:

I have a 57, and a 47. I prefer the 47.

Check your poll :a17:
Not especially. I've just become curious about Gillette vintage razors in general since I've seen so many people still use them and write them up...

I'm a musician, and vintage instruments are generally a good example of how stuff was nailed "back in the day" and although you have good modern alternatives, sometimes you can't really substitute the real deal.

Seeing Guidos guide I realize just how prevalent those old designs still are. There MUST be SOMETHING to those razors...

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The good thing about a lot of the vintage Gillettes is that you can get them pretty inexpensively. Especially if you don't mind "user grade" rather than pristine condition. Super Speeds and Techs are absolute bargains.
Super Speeds and Techs are absolute bargains and absolutely fantastic tools as well. I have been alternating between a new Feather AS D2 and a NDC Ball End Tech using Feather blades in both and cannot honestly choose one over the other. The biggest difference is the Tech was a hand-me-down from my dad and been used for a half century or more and the Feather cost me money and still has the New Razor Smell. Plus the Tech is bright and shiny and purty.
The black handled Flare Tip, like the Super Adjustable, has a handle made from aluminium. They are not painted, unless to restore the colour, but are in fact anodized :)
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