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I’m not one of the Choosen PIF

So I have determined I am not one of the choosen. Both myself, my daughters and my wife all feel that the Veg makes me smell like really nice urinal cakes. Not bad at all however not the image I want people to think of when they are around me.
So If your in Canada and would like to try some of the famous Lilac Vegetal then here’s your chance! Just say your in.
I love the Veg and SWMBO has commented that it smells "sweet" and not "honey truck" sweet. :001_tongu
I'm not in as I feel that others deserve the opportunity to partake of the wondrous joy that is the Lilac Vegetal.
I am not in Canada so, unfortunately, I can not say "not in".

But if I was in Canada, I would say "not in".

Great pif, Veg is truly a YMMV, & for those that like it, they love it.
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I cannot fathom smelling like a urinal cake (not even a nice urinal cake)
I like the smell of Arko sticks though.

Fortunately/Unfortunately for me I am not in Canada so I must say "Not In"
Nice PIF! I’m a southern neighbor, so respectfully not in.

Not sure if I’m chosen or not. But if I was, I would probably be surrounded by people that smell cat urine.
@Mtn Man are you including the automatic dispenser?

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