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I'm going to give it a go

Start slow...just do your cheeks for 3-4 days, maybe even put off ATG for a while.
Three big things to always do/remember:
1. Stretch that skin and keep it tight as possible.
2. Always be aware of your angle (and tip if it's not rounded even then it can bite you).
3. Shave the lather not the face.
Good luck! I am sure you will do fine.

I still remember the anticipation of knowing my first straight was on the way (thanks, @Lmarkow !).

Bevel Boy gave some great advice. I would add:

Don't give up if you find the first shave doesn't meet your expectations. After my first straight shave I was convinced that I would be a lifetime DE guy. After a few more, once I started to get the hang of it, that's when I got hooked. Just make room in your budget/shave den for more razors, strops, etc as the addiction goes into full swing!
LOL. Probably not a good idea to pass out whilst holding a straight razor...

Yep loss of consciousness is not good.
That was one of the craziest things my first few days. I'd find myself holding my breathe when I hit those more "intense" areas (my chin. around my nose, etc).
I started almost 3 years ago and now just use a DE/SE on Sundays and travel, take your time and enjoy the ride.
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