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I'm done with Hanes undershirts

I just received one of their catalogs in the mail and am thinking of ordering those long T-shirts. Just wondering how casual looking they are. Think I'll find out.


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I may have posted earlier in this thread, but the Duluths are my daily undershirts (I use the no-pocket version). They're on the heavy side, even as compared to the usual off-the rack athletic t-shirts, generously sized, and hold up quite well. I wouldn't really see wearing one on its own in any situation where I'm trying to do anything approaching fashion, but they're perfect undershirts for me, to say nothing of housework/lawnmowing shirts. They're on sale for $10 each from time to time (including now through midnight tonight, though they're out of several).
Hmm. . .I just see $1.50 off when you buy more than one. . .makes them $15 in my basket. . .still might check them out now. Thanks for the review!
My Dillard's Roundtree and York have started losing shape in the collar. I may to back to hang drying them. Still, they've lasted longer than any Hanes/FotL.
Don't touch fruit of the loom either. I am currently very unhappy with my last purchase of 8-10 of them. Every last one of them got bacon necked or around the collar is so loose that it folds and crumples up. I guess that's bacon neck too lol Anyway I have been picking them out of my drawer and tossing them. Heins at least holds their neck.... Even though they are all wide as stated. Not sure why but it makes me angry to think about spending more money on higher end brands for a shirt that I wear under my clothes lol I prefer the word frugal. I messed my back up at the gym a year ago now, so I have not been able to return to work. So money is a little more tight than usual. So are my pants.... Can't wait to be back to work/gym. Then maybe ill splurge. I'm just happy that I was able to land a amazon gift card for my bday in October so I was able to get into wet shaving.
I'm gonna have to go against the grain here...after cycling through a few different designer brands from TJ Maxx (Sean John, G Unit, Body Glove), a friend gave me a new Hanes v-neck undershirt a few months ago. It fit me way better than the others (Sean John was ridiculously defective in terms of stitching, G Unit was so short it almost stopped at my belly button, and Body Glove felt like it was made of a cotton/cardboard blend) . I ended up buying a pack for myself, and it's pretty much all I use now.

Can't speak for the crew neck, but the tagless v-neck is all I wear now. We'll see how they hold up...
I just bought two packs of v-neck tees from Calvin Klein. Costco sells them cheap. So far, I love them. Soft, with a long tail. Perfect!
Hanes quality seems to be variable. I suspect that they are no longer made in the U.S. My preference lately has been Fruit Of The Loom. I just can't wear a tshirt that doesn't have a pocket so it is basically Hanes or FOTL for me, and FOTL is more consistent.
I have had great luck with Champion C9 series undershirts. Cotton with like 2% Lycra to help hold shape - very nice. Not too thick, not too thin. Long in body, stretchy enough to not dig into my pits. Comfy.

now...I have had a hard time finding them lately and fear they may have stopped offering them....
Here's another vote for Lands End.

They have several items I really like besides t-shirts.
I haven't bought from Lands End in a while. I just wore one of their seamless turtlenecks this past weekend that I got well over 15 years ago. I wear them under my Pendleton shirts, as they keep the wool from touching my skin (itchy) and they protect the shirt.

I just checked their website and see that their t-shirts are $19 each or $14 each if you buy three. That's a pretty expensive t-shirt.
Never had a problem w/ Jockeys. Soft and long wearing. Once I thought they might be shrinking - until I got on the scale.
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