I’m deeply saddened. Grooming Dept preshave just might have made my post shave routine obsolete.....

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by GlazedBoker, Jan 8, 2019.

    The post shave feel, is also where I find the pre-shave really shines.

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  1. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor


    I find it amazing that the man behind Grooming Department runs his business the way he does. Even more amazing is that he has any customers at all considering that buying his products has got to be the single most difficult buying experience endeavor in the wet-shaving world.

    Buying Grooming Department products makes learning to shave with a straight razor look like child's play.

    I've heard he's been given good business advice but hasn't listened to it (that's in the nature of a rumor and you shouldn't listen to it).

    Excellent points.


    I knew there would be a YMMV post backed up by experience. Our whiskers and skin and whatever else is involved in our response to products mandates YMMV.

    I don't hear anyone saying technique and experience are immaterial and overridden by any soap or preshave product nor do I hear anyone claiming any product to be a universal panacea.


    I hear what Gus is saying loud and clear. What you're saying doesn't negate it (nor am I saying you thing it does). I'm interested in your view as much as I'm interested in Gus's. I would hope all of us understand that our reviews and our honest and experienced based opinions whether they agree or not add to the overall conversation, including yours of course.

    The views that really get me are of the sort that bad mouth or praise something as yet untried.

    Very limited!

    I'm used a great many shaving soaps. I have a small top tier group. There are also soaps I find worthless and terrible and not worth using. However, a great many of the soaps I've used are only a quarter notch or a half notch below my top tier soaps; I like the top tier soaps better but would be fine if the only soaps available were a half notch below them.


    I've used only samples of GD soaps. The first one I used I found to be about on the level of my top tier soaps; not a big deal, but still an excellent soap. However, the second of the GD soaps has fairly blown my mind. If I were to write a review of it (which I don't have enough experience with it to do yet) my review would be gushing and congratulatory to anyone using it and to its creator. It is in another league and not just by a little bit.

    It's in another league in another way, too...


    I've not used the GD preshave. Why? Well, you know why.

    The bottom line so far for me is easy.
    • The GD business model seems to really suck eggs.
    • Is it a business? I doubt it. If it is, it is a very strange way of doing things.
    • The products are always sold out.
    • I'd love to try the preshave and am very grateful for the interesting reviews I've read.
    • I'd love to be able to buy a tub or two of the soap I'm currently sampling (Lusso based).
    • Why oh why won't Mo change his business model and produce more product?
    • YMMV is always true, but I think the Lusso soap is the best I've ever used by a long shot (that's only an early and preliminary opinion, but it is my opinion).
    Thanks, Gus, for a great thread.

    The bear meme at the top adds nothing to my post, but I thought it was a kinda cute meme. Maybe I should delete it.

    Happy shaves,


  2. I’m fairly miffed by this business strategy as well. A few months ago I was thinking about trying one of the soaps and there was not a single one available. Then i read this glowing review about the pre-shave and went to go buy it...nothing! The same day this thread was posted it was already sold out. Now, i understand that exclusivity in itself can be a business model and i have a feeling that the quality of the soaps (seemigly very high) and the scarcity of product have combined to make his soaps very sought after. As a customer i hate it, but i can understand the logic in always being understocked then releasing a very limited run of a new product. It builds the hype.
  3. I don't think Mo wants to be understocked or intentionally tries to "build hype". If he was concerned with "building hype," he'd probably be better at the business part.

    I think he has a lot of ideas and, being only one person, he can only supply demand so much. He could follow a more traditional model and only make soaps with two bases (tallow & vegan) and a handful of scents. Maybe that would help keep his stock up? But he's self employed. The beauty of being self employed is doing things the way you want to do them. So he experiments, makes a bunch of different bases, tries new scents, explores potential new products, etc. It's probably keeps things interesting for him. I'm a self employed professional musician, so I totally get it.
  4. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    He should raise his prices substantially, use the money to hire and lavishly pay staff, and increase production. He could make a lot of money with his products I believe.

    He's not remotely topped out on the demand curve.

    Happy shaves,

  5. Maybe he should offer $1000 custom soap. That's a thing now.
  6. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    You're kidding, right?
  7. No apparently some artisan is selling a "your custom brush" for $1000. Soaps and AS's are probably next.
  8. That is an odd way to do business then. I just assumed it was more to keep new, “must try” products coming out so people will snap them up. But hey, if he really loves making new kinds of soap and that’s the reason more power to him. Always nice to see someone who loves what they do!
  9. Raven Koenes

    Raven Koenes Contributor

  10. I think that's a brick of the old formula and the last one in existence.

    I like the new formula of p.160 because it doesn't irritate my face and imho smells better than cella.
  11. Toothpick

    Toothpick Moderator

    That P160 is also being sold for charity. So very likely could be a tax write off for someone.
  12. Oh ok very good, I did not know that.
  13. Toothpick

    Toothpick Moderator

    This makes me laugh. Rudy Vey will make anyone a custom brush for a lot less than a thousand bucks. So will any of our vendors. I know, I’ve got 2.
  14. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    I’ll bet he would make one for over $1000 too if you ask him. Bring on the precious metals and diamonds! Some folks buy golden toilets. Not naming names.
  15. He simply gained free publicity.

    He thought he needed somehow.
  16. GlazedBoker

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    That’s well said. I’m in tune with pretty much everything you had to say there amigo. I would like to post a quick take here on what were my intentions to the thread and my posts. I believe that there are some that believe I’m taking a shot against the standing that Shave technique is overshadowed by skin products in general. That couldn’t be further from the truth...

    All things being equal in terms to skill, products pre and post, technique is the downright clear foundation for a shaver for achieving a close and comfortable shave. There are no amount of products that can save one from a bad shave due to improper shave skill or technique. That’s not even up for debate. There is no miracle elixir, cream, compound or serum that can take a bad shave and elevate or improve it to shave god status. Doesn’t exist, period.

    However, one needs to question and come to the realization of what a man does when he takes a razor and performs the unnatural act of running a honed and sharpened piece of steel across his face. The tool of choice and goal for any shaver regardless of format, whether it be a straight, de, se or an injector, is to remove the whiskers in as comfortable and efficient manner as possible. The razor cuts the hairs, removes dead skin cells and also, whether you want to believe it of not, will take away live and healthy skin cells as well.

    So, my posts comes down to really a simple question and suggestion. As I stated earlier, all things being equal, would a shaver not want perhaps a bit more of protection in whatever preshave cream or soap product he uses with the added benefit that there are ingredients in said product that have been scientifically proven to promote healing, skin rejuvenation and providing protection for ones skin? I think it’s logical to say that most shavers would say yes. I know that I would and do. Who doesn’t want healthy and good looking skin?

    My intent was not to put product versus skill or that I need help from a product to improve my shaving form. What it has helped is my skin, provide a bit more glide and protection for my shaves and improve the performance of average soaps.
  17. +1
  18. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    I'm on the same page, Gus.


    I'm pretty sure both of us know how to shave, but how to shave with more comfort, more efficiency, and less damage is an ongoing quest.

    Happy shaves,

  19. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Nail on the head.... :punk:

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